Yellow Sprig Dan Cong

An astonishing, rare oolong from the Phoenix Mountains, of South China.

The hard work and history that goes into making this spectacular tea makes it amongst the most precious in the world, with an extraordinary flavour to match.

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Limited Edition Collection - once it's gone, it's gone.

Master Yang Chunguo harvests the leaves of ten of his oldest trees (each 200 years old) just once a year to make this superior grade tea. He gently hand rolls them himself and bakes them over charcoal to ensure that each leaf is totally perfect. This results in an incredibly complex tea that bursts with flavours of sweet honey, gardenia flower and caramelized stone fruit. The ultimate connoisseur’s oolong.

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This rare and precious Dan Cong is picked from just ten 200 year-old tea trees that grow on the slopes of Wu Dong Shan, widely considered to produce the best teas in the Phoenix Mountains. Despite the rocky and seemingly inhospitable landscape, the environment is a huge factor in giving this highly sought after tea its characteristics. The roots of these old trees grow deep underground to reach the nutrients beneath the rock, so slowly that each leaf practically bursts with concentrated flavour.
The genetic background of this tea is also extraordinary. The Huang Zhi Xiang cultivar which gives us these distinctive leaves is a direct descendent of a single mother bush, which is now over 700 years old. The leaves of the original tree were discovered to have a unique gardenia flower aroma, the result of a natural mutation. Cuttings were taken and cultivated to preserve the unique and precious leaves so that the same flavours could be enjoyed by future generations, and not be diluted by cross breeding.
This tea is very well suited gong fu style brewing - use a high tea to water ratio and infuse multiple times in a gaiwan or small teapot. Infuse at least five times to experience all of the complex layers of this tea.

Read more about this incredible tea and where it is grown here.

Other Names - Gardenia Dan Cong

Additional Information

Chinese Name Huang Zhi Xiang Dan Cong
Country China
Harvesting Area Dan An Village, Wu Dong Mt, Fenghuang, Guangdong
Plantation Altitude 700m
Harvest Date 20th April 2017
Varietal Huang Zhi Xiang
Leaf Appearance Dark, twisted whole leaf
Aroma Gardenia flower, honey and dark roasted notes
Liquor Deep golden
Tasting Notes The intense flavours of floral gardenia, honey and roasted stone fruit last infusion after infusion
Quick Brewing Instructions Teapot: 4g, 95°, 250ml, 2 mins. Gong Fu: 6g, 95°, 150 ml. 1st infuse for 30 secs, increasing each infusion time by 5 seconds.
Picking Standard 1 bud, 2 leaves
Farmer Yang Chunguo