Traditional English Breakfast Sample

Robust, deep and rounded, carries milk perfectly.

Our first tea available in a 1kg bag - for those addicted to a proper morning cuppa.

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*Based on a 3g serving, infused twice


A traditional, strong, loose leaf English Breakfast, the blend reformulated for us by Rare Tea Hunter Phil Mumby. A small-leaf, high-quality Assam tea from the Khongea estate blended with two stunning teas from Kenya from the Kaimosi™ estate and Kapchorua™ estate, plus a small proportion of China's traditional Yunnan Dian Hong to give it the Canton Tea Co twist. It's smooth, brisk, fresh, robust - exactly what a traditional English Breakfast tea should be.

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Phil describes how: 'There is an art to blending tea. It normally works best when a blend is built around a single ‘hero’ component, with other teas then brought in to complement and balance... When creating this blend, my starting point was to pin down the flavour profile that I wanted. Traditional English Breakfast, despite its name, is a tea that is drunk at all times of day, as a refreshing pick-me-up, something not too far away from ‘normal tea’, but higher in quality and with the key attributes magnified.It needs to be refreshing, smooth but invigorating, with a clean flavour and satisfying aftertaste. I wanted it to work well even if taken without milk. Once I had decided this, I knew what I wanted for my hero tea, if I could get it: Kenya Kaimosi GFBOP'.

Read more on Phil's blog about the teas he chose to compliment his 'hero' tea, and why.

Additional Information

Year of Production 2014
Origin A blend of black teas from Assam, Kenya, Rwanda and Yunnan.
Liquor Rich dark brown
Tasting Notes Smooth, brisk, fresh, and robust
Quick Brewing Instructions Use 2 tsp per cup (250ml); water temperature boiling; infuse 3-4 mins. Infuse 4-5 mins if adding milk.