Tea Accessories

Tea Accessories


All the pieces you need to help make
tea brewing even more of a pleasure.

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  • Three piece Chinese Gaiwan, perfect for brewing fine loose leaf tea.

    Traditional Gaiwan

    With practise, the gaiwan or 'covered bowl', is a great way to make tea.
  • Plain White Ceramic Tea Bowls

    Plain White Ceramic Tea Bowls

    A set of two small tea bowls in plain white ceramic.

    Regular Price: £4.50

    Special Price: £3.15

  • Traditional bamboo Matcha scoop

    Matcha Scoop

    Matcha drinkers need a Matcha scoop. Simple, handcrafted design.

    Regular Price: £4.50

    Special Price: £2.70

  • Stainless steel tea measuring spoon

    Tea Measuring Spoon

    A useful measuring spoon for the perfect cup of tea.
  • Small Bamboo Tea Tray

    Small Bamboo Tea Tray

    A compact bamboo tea tray designed to hold our Shen Glass Tea Set.
    Price: £15.00
  • Shen Glass Jug

    Shen Glass Jug

    Robust, borosilicate glass jug to complement our Shen Glass Teapot.
  • Digital Tea Themometer

    Tea Thermometer

    A vital tool for brewing fine leaf tea at the perfect temperature.

    Regular Price: £8.00

    Special Price: £6.00

  • Traditional bamboo accessories set for brewing tea gong fu style

    Bamboo Accessory Set

    A scoop and tongs for an authentic tea-drinking experience.

    Regular Price: £8.80

    Special Price: £5.00

  • Self Fillable tea pocket

    Tea Pockets

    Paper pockets that are perfect for loose leaf tea drinkers on the go.
    £7.00 for 50 pockets
  • Bamboo tea strainer

    Bamboo Tea Strainer

    A simple, handcrafted bamboo strainer designed for whole leaf tea.
    Price: £4.00
  • Large bamboo tea tray for brewing tea gong fu style

    Large Bamboo Tea Tray

    An attractive bamboo tray for making and pouring tea with no mess
  • Puerh pick for breaking up puerh cakes

    Puerh Pick

    An attractive, traditional tool for breaking up compressed puerh.
    Price: £3.50
  • Chinese bamboo tea scoop

    Bamboo Tea Scoop

    A simple, elegant bamboo scoop for measuring tea.

    Regular Price: £4.00

    Special Price: £2.40

  • Bamboo tongs for gong fu brewing

    Bamboo Tongs

    Strong, simple tongs made from quick-growing bamboo.

    Regular Price: £4.00

    Special Price: £2.40

  • Puerh Tea Storage Bag

    Puerh Storage Bag

    The perfect way to store your puerh as it matures.

    Regular Price: £4.00

    Special Price: £3.00

  • Yixing Brush

    Yixing Brush

    A simple but important tool for cleaning a much loved Yixing teapot.

    Regular Price: £4.00

    Special Price: £2.40

  • Natural wood Puerh stand for displaying beeng cha

    Natural Wood Puerh Stand

    For lovers of puerh, this is a practical way to display beeng cha.

    Regular Price: £4.00

    Special Price: £3.20

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