Tea Thermometer

A vital tool for brewing fine leaf tea at the perfect temperature.

By watching the temperature rise on the thermometer, while listening to the sound of the water and watching movement on its surface, I am gradually coming to recognise the temperature of water. Canton customer, Redwool

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This is an indispensable tool for brewing fine tea. Getting the best flavours from whole leaf tea can be tricky when you're guessing the temperature of the water, especially white and green tea that need to be brewed cool. Instead, use this digital thermometer to test the water before infusing in order to brew the perfect cup of tea. Shows temperature in both celsius and fahrenheit.

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Teaware Contents One thermometer and one battery
Packaging Packed in a protective plastic tube
Dimensions 22cm
Material Plastic body with stainless steel temperature probe
Min Temperature -50°C
Max Temperature 300°C
Cleaning Instructions Hand wash temperature probe only, wipe clean other surfaces


  • Revelation for newbies

    by Christopher on 26th of July

    Didn't know much about tea brewing before I discovered this website. Therefore I was amazed at the difference timed brewing at the right temperature made to a cup of tea! It really is night and day.

  • Best option if no temperature controlled kettle

    by Cornish on 10th of January

    Wouldn't be confident in making my tea without this. I put it in the top of the kettle and switch off a few degrees before temperature needed, excellent

  • Accurate and good value

    by Rebecca on 29th of January

    I've been buying increasingly exotic and extravagant teas recently and decided that I needed to be brewing them at the correct temperature - this fits the bill perfectly. It is fast, accurate and you can really tell the different. Much cheaper than buying a variable temperature kettle.

  • Works well, good value

    by Tom F on 29th of November

    This thermometer does what it says it does very well. One slightly strange anomaly, which I guess is probably not the fault of the thermometer is this: I am currently using an induction hob to heat the water for my tea, in a saucepan. If I put the thermometer in the water while it is heating, i.e. while the hob is switched on, then the thermometer switches itself off - meaning the display blanks out. So I can't use the thermometer while the water is heating, only after I switch off the hob. This is slightly irritating, as I would like to monitor the temperature as it increases. I suppose this must be due to whatever the induction hob does to the water (it does make me worry slightly about this!) - some electric current flowing through it perhaps? Anyway it is teaching me to judge the temperature by appearance (size of bubbles etc.) then switch off the hob and check it with the thermometer. Any comments from Canton??

  • One step closer to the perfect cup

    by redwool on 27th of May

    This has been remarkably useful. By watching the temperature rise on the thermometer -- while listening to the sound of the water and watching movement on its surface -- I am gradually coming to recognise the temperatures of water. In time, I may come to not need this, but for now this is immensely helpful. Hoping it is back in stock soon so I can purchase for gifting.


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