Staff Favourites

For those of you who like to see the folk behind the business, here we are and when pushed to choose just one tea, this is our selection:

Jennifer Wood - Company Director

Jennifer Wood

Company Director in her 40s

Organic Dragon Well 

This tea does it for me when i need a refreshing bolt of something green with a clean, distinctive taste. It has that fresh, grassy, vegetal, nutty edge that I love and it's great to share with people whose only experience of green tea is from a dusty bag.





Edgar - Company DirectorEdgar Thoemmes

Company Director in his 20s

2011 Canton Tea Co Special Puerh

Our own specially-commissioned raw puerh cake was my highlight of 2011. Young, light and intense at the moment, I know the flavours will mellow and mature with age, becoming smoother and rounder. I've put a few of these aside for myself to drink over the years.







Dan Taylor - Operations ManagerDan Taylor

Operations Manager in his 30s


This was my perfect introduction to green tea. I was expecting more astringency - dare I say bitterness? What I got was an incredibly refreshing, smooth, easy-drinking tea that keeps going through several infusions. Quite a revelation to a one-time, traditional bag-in-a-cup, tea-drinker.





Barney Allan - Senior AssociateBarney Allan

Senior Associate in his 50s

Ali Shan

A rounded, smooth, easy-drinking tea that is suitable for any time of day. I've seen the beautiful Taiwanese mountains and in the high-grown flavour, you get the taste of the terroir and the cool, misty slopes.




Kate Popham - Admin and Web AssistantKate Popham

Web and Communications Assistant in her 20s

Silver Needle

I love the delicate taste of Silver Needle. It really brightens you up first thing in the morning and after lunch - in fact anytime. The Chinese believe it makes your skin glow and is full of antioxidants but that's just a bonus - the taste is the big attraction.




Alice Evans - Operations AssistantAlice Evans

Operations Assistant in her 20s

Mi Lan Dan Cong

I taste a lot of teas for my job and of all the hundreds I have tried at Canton Mi Lan Dan Cong (one of the first I ever tried) is still my favourite. Every time I drink it I am blown away by the unmistakeable, intense fruity flavours; It's sophisticated, complex and really, really special.




Shelley Pearson - Operations AssistantShelley Pearson

Customer Service Administrator in her 40s

Canton Chai

I've always liked a warming, spicy chai with milk and honey, but when I tasted the Canton Chai I realised it was also delicious without milk.





James Barnett - Financial ControllerJames Barnett

Financial Controller in his 30s

Organic Whole Leaf Peppermint

So far removed from the standard peppermint tea bag. This is so fresh and zingy its like a refreshing wake-up drink without the caffeine.




Simon Shepherd - Distribution AssisstantSimon Shepherd

Distribution Assistant in his teens

Canton English Breakfast

I drink a nice, strong cup of this in the morning when its cold. I never really drank tea before I worked here but I like this one.