Silver Cloud "Sticky Rice"

Lightly toasted buds of white tea infused with the intoxicatingly fragrant aroma of sticky rice and coconut.

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A rare and fascinating white tea, grown within a lush volcanic micro climate in southern Laos. These precious young buds are lightly toasted with an aromatic herb, infusing them with the scent of sweet, sticky rice. When brewed, the flavour is rich and moreish, with mouth-watering notes of coconut milk, sweetcorn, ginger root and freshly baked bread.

Our Autumn Limited Edition teas come in a beautifully presented white tin,and make a lovely gift.

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Tea farming is only a small industry in Laos, however, it’s still possible to find rare and incredibly special small batch teas from independent gardens. The Silver Cloud “sticky rice” white tea is one such example. The tea is grown in southern Laos on the Bolaven Plateau, atop an ancient volcano. The garden lies within a naturally sheltered bowl, creating a lush and fertile micro climate where many plants that usually enjoy cooler climates can thrive. The tea plants enjoy cool air and plenty of moisture, shrouded in the mists of a nearby waterfall. The 50+ year old tea bushes grow in harmony with nearby coffee plants and many other types of foliage, animals and insects, in biodiverse surroundings.
Tea has often come second to coffee growing in the region, with most tea produced being of a lower grade and sold cheaply for big producers. But tea farmers like Ms. Phone have made tea picking into an art form, producing incredibly fine teas costing five to ten times above the standard price.
Like all white teas, processing is kept to a minimum. The buds are carefully picked and then, rather than wilting in the sun, they are dried on a cast iron plate. Phone, the tea maker has tried a number of drying techniques for this tea. This is the method she swears by, and we think she’s right! A highly aromatic herb, called “Nuo Mi Xian” in Chinese, or Semnostachya Menglaensis, is blended into the buds as they toast, releasing its aroma and infusing the buds with its intoxicating flavour. As far as we know there are no other teas out there produced in such a way, this really is a unique tea and one that has to be tasted to be believed.

Additional Information

Harvesting Area The Bolvean Plateau, southern Laos
Origin Laos
Tea Farm Ms.Phone's Farm
Plantation Altitude 900m
Harvest Date Spring 2017
Varietal Camellia Sinensis Assamica
Leaf Appearance Pale young buds, lightly toasted with a silver coating
Tasting Notes Rich, sweet notes of coconut, sweetcorn and freshly baked bread
Quick Brewing Instructions 4g. 90 degrees, 2 min 30 sec


  • Excellent

    by J G on 14th of November

    Really good and quite unusual; not entirely unlike a white Darjeeling but with a rich, slightly sweet taste and more body.