Organic Wild Rooibos

A rare and deeply flavoursome rooibos, grown wild in South Africa.
Organic Wild Rooibos herbal tea
Organic Wild Rooibos being harvested
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Rare and unique ochre coloured needles, 100% caffeine free.

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£0.75 for 5g


This rare and stunning rooibos comes from a small, isolated town called Wupperthal in Cedeberg province South Africa. This is the only area in the world where rooibos grows wild, and in South Africa, over 98% of the rooibos crop is cultivated on large (white run) plantations. Producing this tea is what supports the local community in Wupperthal - few other crops can be grown on the land due to poor soil and extreme weather conditions. The Wupperthal Original Rooibos Co-op was founded in 1990 to better regulate the industry and market prices. It has had a fantastic effect on the community who are going from strength to strength. The flavour of the wild rooibos is much richer and maltier than regular rooibos. It also has beautiful, deep dried fruit flavours.

Also available in pyramid tea bags.

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Certified Organic by the Soil Association.

Additional Information

Leaf Appearance Red ochre coloured needle-like leaves
Liquor Deep ruby red
Tasting Notes Malty and rich, with deep fruit flavours
Quick Brewing Instructions 1 tbsp, 90°C, 250 ml, 5-7 mins


  • Organic Wld Rooibos

    by Unknown on 18th of November

    Bought 250 gms last year and it did keep very well. Great taste and flavour with 95 to 96 degrees water temp. Best Rooibos loose leaf tea I have drunk. This brand is highly recommended above all others. Worth a try or purchase!

  • delicious decaf option

    by Patricia on 22nd of February

    I can drink rooibos teabg tea if pushed although it wouldn't be my drink of choice but this is quite delicious. It's sweet and aromatic and quite tasty. I still love my green and oolong teas but this is a great tea to have when I've drunk enough of the others and need something decaf. Also, lovely in the evening after a meal. I'd recommend and prefer this over other "herbal"options. It's much more satisfying.

  • Better than any teabag

    by Tash on 19th of July

    Rooibos is my herbal tea of choice, and having drunk many a shop bought teabag, I didn't think loose leaf would make that much difference to rooiboos. How wrong I was! After reading other reviews I ordered two bagfuls without even trying it and I'm pleased to say it lived up to my expectations. Only problem is now I can't go back to teabags; even the most expensive you can buy in the shops doesn't come close to the flavour and colour of this.

  • A Nice Surprise

    by Steve on 14th of July

    Having tried the well known 'brands in a bag', it was a delight to taste the difference withthe canton organic loose tea. much more flavoursome and clean tasting than any i've tried before and a great price..

  • Addictive!

    by Chelle on 2nd of June

    I love this tea and so has everyone else that I have made a brew for! Forget the rooibos teadbags you find in the supermarket, this is soooooo much better!


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