A smooth and refreshing Taiwanese green tea, with a rich, floral aroma and notes of sweet apricot.
Pouchong (Wen Shan) loose leaf tea.  Dark green, twisted leaves with the most excellent aroma.
Pouchong Wet Leaves and Liquor
Mr Feng

The tea that inspired the company, a multi-award winning everyday luxury from the mountains of Taiwan.

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£24.00 for 50g


A hand-picked green tea from North Eastern Taiwan. These long, twisted, lightly oxidised leaves brew a crisp, floral liquor with a sweet apricot finish. This year’s Pouchong comes from a tiny, family-run operation where tea farmer Mr Feng and his sons process each hand-picked leaf in small quantities, resulting in an incredibly complex and refined green tea.

This tea is also available in the Discover Green Tea bundle.

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When we visited Pinglin in northern Taiwan last year and saw the effort and love poured into creating this green tea, we instantly knew it belonged in our core range. Pouchong is the tea that inspired us to start Canton, and after tasting this season’s harvest it definitely still held a special place in our hearts. Our 2017 batch comes from Shiang Tai Farm, just south of Taipei City, and produced by farmer Mr Feng and his two sons. The tea bushes enjoy relatively low lying fields, growing in bright orange soil with plenty of moisture year-round.

Some debate surrounds the tea’s classification; many locals call it a green while others say the light oxidation gives it oolong status. But whichever you believe, this tea is unmistakably made with care and dedication, resulting in an utterly intoxicating flavour.

Despite the complex subtleties in its aroma and flavour notes, the process of making Pouchong is very simple. The leaves are withered in cold air for 20 minutes, then in warm air for 10-20 hours. They are lightly tumbled, then rolled in a heated cylinder and dried. Enjoying the tea is equally straightforward. Very forgiving and easy to brew; do what the locals do and dump a handful of leaves in a cup and just keep topping up with hot water. Or, brew it gong fu style to savour each infusion as the character changes. Pouchong is simply one of the best introductions to green and speciality tea.

Other Names - Baozhong Tea, Baochong, Bao Zhong Tea

Additional Information

Chinese Name Bao Zhong (文山)包種绿茶
English Pronunciation bow jong
Country Taiwan
Harvesting Area PingLin, just south of New Taipei City
Origin Pingling, Wen Shan, Taipei County, Taiwan
Tea Farm Shiang Tai
Plantation Altitude 500m
Harvest Date Spring 2017
Varietal Chin Shin
Leaf Appearance Long, dark green, twisted whole leaf
Aroma The freshly brewed liquor releases the toasted biscuit aroma of an oolong, and the fresh florals of a green
Liquor Bright golden-green, becoming more amber with each infusion
Tasting Notes Smooth and refreshing with a creamy aroma and notes of sweet pea, green grape and apricot
Quick Brewing Instructions Use 1tsp to 1 tbs per cup (200ml); water temperature around 80°C (176°F): and infuse 2-4 mins. A forgiving, easy-to-brew tea - even if the leaves steep for a very long time it still tastes bright and smooth.
Field 5 hectares of small fields across the lower slopes of the Taiwanese mountains


  • My favourite of all!

    by Cat_W on 31st of January

    A delicate, fresh and fragrant tea - quite delicious and certainly my favourite!

  • Excellent

    by Totaltea on 16th of October

    I ordered a large bag because my previous purveyor has been out of stock for a while. It's excellent quality, my daily indulgence, it easily stands up to three infusions.

  • rich, deep and a big surprise

    by Teaphile on 25th of April

    I tried this as a taster and am now buying much more! This was a revelation, rich and deep in flavour, and I'm not surpirsed to read on the notes that it is technically an oolong as it has that darker flavour but remains fresh and sweet. A real treat.

  • Mellow tea

    by Lee on 31st of October

    Good tea, well worth the price I will be ordering more.

  • Pumpkin seed with hint of seaweed

    by Jaro on 23rd of October

    I like to drink this tea in my own good time, the taste reminds me of pumpkin seed with a hint of sea weed


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