Plain White Ceramic Tea Bowls

A set of two small tea bowls in plain white ceramic.
Plain White Ceramic Tea Bowls
Plain White Ceramic Tea Bowls
Plain White Ceramic Tea Bowls

Ideal for everyday use when sharing fine tea from a small pot like the Shen Glass Teapot. Using smaller teaware helps to savour each mouthful and appreciate the different characteristics in each infusion of the same leaves.

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Simple, elegant and understated plain white ceramic tasting bowls to complement any small Chinese teapot or gaiwan. A good size for everyday use. Fine but not too delicate.

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Volume 45 ml
Material Porcelain.
Cleaning Instructions Hand wash.


  • Adorable and practical

    by Christopher on 26th of July

    These ensure that your tea cools down quickly after pouring, which is really useful. It's far more practical than drinking out of a mug, and also makes tea drinking a more reflective experience. They're delicate, but you can tell they're the real deal, since ours came wrapped in oriental newspaper!

  • Porcelain teacups were fab

    by Alice Flynn on 23rd of May

    Arrived swiftly and safely, delicate, delightful to use!

  • Love them but

    by EP on 20th of May

    Love the shape and thin porcelain with perfect glaze - delicate and graceful. I just wish they were a little bit bigger and easier to manage in hand. I like my tea hot and I am forever pouring.

  • No nonsense cups

    by LiangZhiGou on 6th of February

    Fantastic quality for the price. Feels good in my hand and holds a decent amount of tea. I strongly recommend them for a first buy or for someone that likes adequate everyday use teacups.

  • A must have!

    by Oolong Monkey on 4th of February

    Got a set of these bowls to go with the gaiwan from Canton Tea Co. The dazzling white glaze really makes the colour of the tea 'POP'. It's like looking at tea in a new way, making it possible to notice subtle differences between steepings and varieties. Not obnoxiously small and they don't feel too fragile. Great quality for the price, highly recommended.


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