Organic Rosebuds

Pretty pink rosebuds make a sweet, soothing tea with a delicate aroma.
Organic rose buds herbal tea
Organic rose buds herbal tea growing
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Not just a fragrant bouquet, but a surprisingly sweet, characterful infusion with soft floral and fruit notes. Perfect for lifting a black tea visually and in taste.

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From £12.00 for 50g


Gorgeous to look at in a glass teapot, these fine, whole rosebuds make a delicious, fragrant herbal tea. The liquor is bright and aromatic, naturally caffeine-free with a smooth, calming taste. The true rose flavour is reminiscent of Turkish delight and has long been used in Chinese medicine to improve the skin and balance the mind and body.

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Additional Information

Year of Production 2016
Harvesting Area Lalehzar Valley in Kerman Province
Origin Iran
Plantation Altitude 3000m
Harvest Date May/June 2016
Varietal Rosa Damascena
Leaf Appearance Whole pink rosebuds
Aroma light and moreish like a fine, fresh perfume
Tasting Notes Bright, smooth and naturally sweet
Quick Brewing Instructions 1 tbsp, 100°C, 250 ml, 3-5 mins


  • Gorgeous

    by B on 13th of February

    Can't buy organic rosebuds like this anywhere else. Divine.

  • Calm

    by Tea Tea Tea on 4th of September

    Interesting brew, very dense and complex did not expect to find it so viscous ,very calm after a couple of infusions, quite durable if i put large amount of leaves in a small ish gaiwan: got 4 good strong cups. Very recomended.