Moroccan Mint

An authentic blend of green tea and mint. Sweet and intensely refreshing.
Moroccan Mint green tea: gunpowder green tea with peppermint and spearmint
Our Moroccan Mint blend contains organic Peppermint and Spearmint with organic gunpowder tea.
Moroccan Mint blend is available in 250g or 50g resealable pouches, or 50g tins.

Refreshing on a hot day. Fantastic served iced with sprigs of fresh mint, a slice of lemon and a touch of honey.

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*Based on a 3g serving, infused twice


Our organic blend of this famous North African tea is a mixture of high-grade, gunpowder green tea and organic peppermint and spearmint leaves to give a rounded mint flavour. Perfect served in tall glasses, it is traditionally sweetened with sugar but because we use high grade ingredients it's not necessary, and we think it is delicious without. Could always be set off with a sprig of fresh mint and a dollop of honey.
This tea is also available in a Canton Pyramid teabag.

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Additional Information

Origin Gunpowder green tea from Zhejiang Province, China and Egyptian peppermint and spearmint.
Harvest Date Spring 2016
Aroma Sweet and minty
Liquor Deep golden-green
Tasting Notes Sweet, grassy green tea and zingy mint
Quick Brewing Instructions 1-2 tsp, 85°C, 250 ml, 2-3 mins


  • excellent tea

    by bintalqasim on 15th of January

    This tea is delicious. It's also helped in weight loss. It sliced fat off me in a few days (when drunk first thing in the morning before breakfast , no sugar added of course ) :) it also helped the constipation. Tastes much better when brewed for longer (minimum ten minutes ). Of course it is caffeinated but only slightly. I have a hyperactive nervous system but this the caffeine in this tea does not disturb my sleep (although I do not drink it in the evening / night time ) Pricey but quality is worth it. Highly recommended as is the delicious jasmine tea also from Canton.

  • Minty!

    by Andrew on 26th of June

    A very nice cup, best for me if I use 1 1/2 tsps and steep for around 2 minutes 30 seconds. It's fine with a dollop of honey, but I prefer it without. The flavour is quite intense, and very refreshing. I'm looking forward to trying it iced with extra sprigs of mint.

  • Not a fan

    by Deb on 15th of June

    On first taste this is a lovely mint tea but by the second taste it's a little disappointing.

  • Tiny bits of mint

    by Kate on 22nd of February

    This is a delicious minty tea that doesn't have that stingy mint flavour that some other mint teas have. My only complaint is that whilst the green tea leaves are beautiful and big, but the mint leaves were more like shavings of tiny little leaves, and they went though my strainer into my cup. It was a little unpleasant having a moustache of mint leaf shavings, but overall the tea was good.

  • refreshing

    by OTT on 14th of February

    This is a good-quality blend of straightforward green tea and fresh, zingy peppermint. It is well balanced and can be re-infused several times.


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