Organic Genmaicha

A lovely balance of fresh green tea with toasty notes of roasted rice.
Organic Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea
A farmer tends to a field of rice.  Rice is used to add a nutty taste to the tea.
Japanese organic Genmaicha loose leaf tea is available in 50g and 250g resealable bags.

Also called 'Popcorn Tea' due to the flavour of the toasted rice, which adds a full-bodied nutty note.

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From £4.88 for 50g


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A tasty satisfying tea created by a glorious balance of fresh green tea and toasted rice. Originally created in Japan to make the tea leaves stretch a little further, Genmaicha is admired for its unique taste, green tea notes mingling with nutty rice, which is baked with the leaves. Processed in a Kyoto factory which supports independent growers by using only their leaves and working with them to produce the best teas they can.

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In the past Genmaicha was really only drunk by the poor, who added the puffed rice to their tea to bulk it out as they could not afford pure green tea; however these days it is enjoyed by all echelons of society in Japan and increasingly throughout the world.

Read more on the blog about Genmaicha and Japanese tea history.

Other Names - Popcorn Tea, Brown Rice Tea

Additional Information

Country Japan
Origin Kyoto
Plantation Altitude 450m
Harvest Date Spring 2016
Liquor Bright golden green
Tasting Notes Sweet toasty rice, nutty with fresh green undertones
Quick Brewing Instructions 1 tsp, 85°C, 250 ml, 2 mins. Reinfuse several times


  • Perfect

    by AitchED on 13th of May

    Have enjoyed this tea on several visits to Japanese restaurants and wanted to continue enjoying it at home. This tea is perfect in every way and love it's nutty flavour and clean taste.

  • A Well Balanced Combination

    by David J on 27th of October

    My first taste of Genmaicha and certainly not my last. Nice aroma and flavor. Unlike straight green teas that are best taken outside of meal times, this is an any time drink. i also like the fact that it is organic.

  • A liquid meal of sorts!

    by David J L on 20th of October

    This is my first Genmaicha ,and it certainly lives up to the previous reviews. A tea to drink at any time of the day; pleasant aroma and a pleasing taste. Highly recommended!

  • Outstanding

    by Oolongandwindingroad on 24th of October

    I've had a few different genmaicha teas and this is far and away the best, and at a fantastic price. The leaves are large unbroken, there is plenty of rice and the flavour is smooth, nutty and sweet. Perfect; reminds me of why I got into tea in the first place.

  • Tasty tea

    by Ruth on 22nd of October

    This is one of my new favourites, I love the popcorn after taste and quick brewing time. This tea also smells great and feels like a snack and a drink in one. I love sitting down with this tasty tea when it's cold and wet outside.