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Smooth, sweet chamomile flowers with soft fruity notes.
Dry Chamomile Flowers
Chamomile Wet  Flowers and Liquor
Fresh organic Chamomile

Used for centuries for its medicinal properties, many are now enjoying a chamomile infusion simply for its sweet, smooth flavour and as a naturally caffeine-free alternative to tea.

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Whole dried flower heads of the chamomile plant, also known as Marticaria Recutita. These vibrant little flowers gently release a bright, sunny, gold infusion, producing a liquor that’s smooth and full bodied with a delicate apple aroma. We sourced this year’s harvest from a farm in Croatia where the flowers are smaller, with a higher concentration of essential oils. This makes them sweet and mellow and one sip can have a surprisingly soothing effect. Perfect to enjoy after dinner, or to ease you into a good night’s sleep.

Also available in pyramid tea bags.

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This year’s harvest comes from a farm in Croatia, renowned for producing some of the best chamomile in the world. The flowers from this region are smaller and grow slowly so that their rich, sweet flavour is concentrated. On brewing, the flowers’ essential oils release deep, rich, smooth melon flavours with subtle apple notes.

Other Names - Matricaria Recutita

Additional Information

Origin Croatia
Varietal Matricaria recutita
Aroma Soft and floral with hints of apple
Liquor Vivid yellow
Tasting Notes Smooth and sweet with delicate floral notes
Quick Brewing Instructions 1tbsp per cup (200ml); water temperature 100°C (212°F); infuse 3-5 minutes depending on desired strength


  • Lovely tea

    by Karen on 22nd of July

    A delicate and mellow infusion which definitely relaxes me and helps me sleep. As a bonus, the loose tea looks pretty.

  • Nicely packaged, tastes as it should, but is hard to find.

    by Bedtime tea on 10th of January

    Nicely packaged, tastes as it should, but is hard to find. Good bedtime companion to help with a better nights sleep. Steeps well ;)

  • The best chamomile I've tasted!

    by OliviaBew on 5th of October

    I have always been a lover of chamomile tea and rely on its soporific effects to send me off to sleep most nights. This chamomile is full of flavour and not too sweet. Beats your supermarket average chamomile teabags hands down.

  • Perfect!

    by Stacie on 22nd of October

    You can't ask for a better chamomile, the flavour was earthy and warm. Loved it