Obubu Shaded Sencha

A luxurious Kabuse Sencha, carefully crafted at Obubu Tea Farms in Wazuka.

A luxuriously silky shaded Sencha with bright notes of fresh baby spinach

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£20.00 for 50g


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A rich and silky Japanese Sencha with bright notes of fresh baby spinach. These vivid green leaves are shaded for two weeks before harvest, which draws out an intense, lingering umami flavour with a perfectly balanced sweetness.

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Obubu Tea Farms are a forward-thinking, agricultural social venture in Wazuka, near Kyoto, Japan. They were founded by Akihiro Kita, or Akky-san, who fell in love with the tea produced in the Wazuka region and soon learned the art of producing tea from the local farmers whilst working part time as a farm hand. Now they produce an incredible range of teas, whilst also working hard to educate and revitalise the interest in tea and agriculture, not only in Wazuka and Japan, but all around the world.

This is an excellent example of a traditional Japanese green tea, made to the highest standard at Obubu Farms. Its vivid green leaves and distinct flavour profile stem from the careful way in which it is grown. Two weeks before harvesting, the leaves are shaded from the sun, a process which stimulates the production of chlorophyll within the leaves, as well as maintaining a high level of the bush’s amino acids. This gives us a tea which has a strong umami flavour and a luxurious, rounded mouthfeel, whilst lacking the astringency found in some other green teas.

Other Names - Kabuse Sencha

Additional Information

Harvesting Area Wazuka, Kyoto
Tea Farm Obubu Tea Farm
Harvest Date 17th May 2017
Varietal Yabukita
Aroma 300m
Liquor Pale yellow green, slightly cloudy
Tasting Notes Rich, umami, delicately sweet spinach
Quick Brewing Instructions 5g, 60°C, 250 ml, 1-2 mins
Picking Standard Machine picked
Farmer Akky San


  • quite special...

    by tobytea on 20th of December

    this Sencha; you have to be really careful not to use too hot water! the taste is very light & delicate; I'm still experimenting with the right amount & brewing time.