Obubu Kukicha

A wonderfully rich, toasted kukicha from the pioneering Obubu tea garden in Kyoto.

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£10.50 for 50g


A rich and tempting kukicha toasted to perfection to release sumptuous roasted aromas of freshly cut wood. This famous Japanese green tea consists of just the stems of the tea leaf, making it a low caffeine option that’s packed with lingering flavours of honey, pecan and chamomile. A satisfying and comforting tea, perfect to enjoy on a cool autumn day.

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This exceptional kukicha is made from the stems of Obubu’s Autumn harvest Tencha, who’s leaves are made into their matcha. The bushes are shaded from the sun for three weeks before harvesting, giving them high amino acid content and adding to the rich, satisfying umami notes found in the tea liquor. After steaming and separating from the leaves, the stems are roasted, enhancing the flavours, creating a rich and mellow tea with a soft, lingering sweetness.

Other Names - Roasted stem tea

Additional Information

Country Japan
Harvesting Area Wazuka, Kyoto
Tea Farm Obubu Tea Farm
Plantation Altitude 300m
Harvest Date Autumn 2016
Varietal Yabukita
Leaf Appearance Small, uniform brown stems
Tasting Notes Mellow, toasted with notes of pecan, chamomile and fresh cut wood
Quick Brewing Instructions 5g, 90 degrees, 4 min
Picking Standard Stem


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