Matcha Scoop

Matcha drinkers need a Matcha scoop. Simple, handcrafted design.
Traditional bamboo Matcha scoop
Traditional bamboo Matcha scoop with Organic Matcha

Why not use a teaspoon? Because this scoop hold just the right amount of fine powder and feels so good to hold. Don't wash it, just tap off excess powder.

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Handmade Matcha scoop crafted in one piece from golden bamboo. A simple, elegant, essential tool for measuring the correct amount of Matcha powder to use.

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Additional Information

Last Chance Yes
Dimensions 18cm
Material Bamboo
Cleaning Instructions Wipe clean


  • good but expensive

    by teafan on 10th of June

    As a tool it does the job very well indeed. However the price is very expensive. £4.50 for a piece of bamboo which has been bent at the bottom is rather high. I can think of plenty other options which would be a lot cheaper and do the job just as well. you are just paying for the novelty factor.

  • Scoops matcha, perfectly.

    by Dom on 20th of March

    There is no more to say. This does the job fantastically without the inherent fiddliness of trying to pick up small amounts with a big, burly teaspoon