Mango Noir

A velvety smooth, deliciously fruity, aromatic blend.
Mango Noir black fruit tea
Mango Noir black fruit tea
Mango Noir black fruit tea packaging options

High-grade tea and fruit oils.

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Enjoy the deep, rich flavour of this fine black China tea, lifted by intense mango notes that linger on the tongue giving a deliciously sweet, subtle aftertaste.

The black tea in this extremely popular Fruit Noir blend is Yunnan black or Dian Hong. It is a very famous and sought after tea inside China due to its natural caramel fragrance and rich, sweet, robust flavour. It is a relatively new black tea - only around 100 years old - but it lends itself superbly to blends. In this Fruit Noir range it absorbs our high grade, natural, French fruit oils and is studded with dried fruit pieces that release their flavour when infused.

This intense mango tea is bursting with flavour, a deep and delightfully tropical infusion.

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Additional Information

Origin Yunnan black tea from China, natural fruit oils from France.
Aroma Punchy mango
Tasting Notes Deep rich Yunnan black with pronounced overtones of tropical mango
Quick Brewing Instructions 2 tsp, 95°C, 250 ml, 2 mins


  • Beautiful

    by Kath on 26th of November

    Have long searched for a replacement mango tea that wasn't sweet ever since Betty's stopped producing theirs. This is without a doubt the best of Canton Tea's 5 fruit teas that is eminently drinkable and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed. It has a hint of sweetness that balances out the black creating a beautiful blend.

  • Does what it says on the tin

    by Pom on 4th of June

    "Intense" is a very accurate description - wonderfully deep aroma & flavour. Have only tried it hot so far, but this is a high contender for re-stocking. Only downside as with most of the fruit noir teas is that the oils used can leave residues so I'm having to wash my infuser mug more often, rather than just being able to rinse it, but I can live with that.


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