Herbal Infusions

Herbal Infusions


A wide selection of loose leaf herbal tea, all naturally caffeine-free,
from locations all over the world.

Whether you want something soothing and calming,
invigorating, or heady with fruity flavours, this is the place.

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  • Canton Karma Loose leaf herbal tea blend

    Canton Karma

    Our own blend of organic herbal ingredients inspired by Ayurveda.

    Regular Price: £6.00

    Special Price: £4.50

      Sample:   £1.50
  • Organic Lemongrass and Ginger herbal tea blend

    Canton Lemongrass and Ginger

    An invigorating balance of refreshing lemongrass and warming, aromatic ginger.
    From £5.50 for 50g   Sample:   £1.50
  • Organic rose buds herbal tea

    Organic Rosebuds

    Pretty pink rosebuds make a sweet, soothing tea with a delicate aroma.
    From £9.38 for 50g
  • Organic Wild Rooibos herbal tea

    Organic Wild Rooibos

    A rare and deeply flavoursome rooibos, grown wild in South Africa.

    Regular Price: £5.50

    Special Price: £3.30

      Sample:   £1.50
  • Canton Berry Loose Dry Leaf

    Canton Berry and Hibiscus

    A bright scarlet infusion of tart hibiscus and sweet berries, bursting with soft fruit flavours.
    From £5.00 for 50g
  • Dry Chamomile Flowers

    Canton Chamomile

    Smooth, sweet chamomile flowers with soft fruity notes.
    From: £7.50
  • Whole leaf Lemon Verbena herbal tea

    Lemon Verbena

    This bright, lemon-scented infusion has a velvety smooth mouthfeel.
    £11.00 for 75g
  • Triple Mint herbal tea blend

    Triple Mint

    A brilliant combination of three wonderful mints to delight the senses.
    £6.00 for 50g
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