Loose Leaf Tea

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  • Canton English Breakfast black loose leaf tea

    Canton English Breakfast

    The UK's favourite - a classic English tea with New York roots.
    From £5.50 for 50g
  • Canton Earl Grey

    Canton Earl Grey

    A satisfying Earl Grey with a smooth, sweet base and bright citrus notes.
    From £5.50 for 50g
  • Decaffeinated English Breakfast black tea leaves

    Decaf Breakfast Tea

    A refreshing, full-bodied English breakfast tea that's caffeine-free.
    From: £3.75 for 50g   Sample:   £2.50
  • Jasmine Silver Needle loose leaf tea.

    Jasmine Silver Needle

    A sweet and summery tea, scented with fresh jasmine blossoms.
    £14.00 for 50g
  • Organic Wild Rooibos herbal tea

    Organic Wild Rooibos

    A rare and deeply flavoursome rooibos, grown wild in South Africa.

    Regular Price: £5.50

    Special Price: £3.30

      Sample:   £1.50
  • Canton Berry Loose Dry Leaf

    Canton Berry and Hibiscus

    A bright scarlet infusion of tart hibiscus and sweet berries, bursting with soft fruit flavours.
    From £5.00 for 50g
  • Canton Organic Earl Grey tea leaves

    Canton Organic Earl Grey

    The finest blend of darjeeling and natural bergamot.
    From £6.50 for 50g
  • Dry Chamomile Flowers

    Canton Chamomile

    Smooth, sweet chamomile flowers with soft fruity notes.
    From: £7.50
  • Whole leaf Lemon Verbena herbal tea

    Lemon Verbena

    This bright, lemon-scented infusion has a velvety smooth mouthfeel.
    £11.00 for 75g
  • Pouchong (Wen Shan) loose leaf tea.  Dark green, twisted leaves with the most excellent aroma.


    A smooth and refreshing Taiwanese green tea, with a rich, floral aroma and notes of sweet apricot.
    £24.00 for 50g
  • Oriental Beauty oolong tea leaves

    Oriental Beauty

    A light and fruity Taiwanese oolong from a competition-winning producer.
    £40.00 for 50g
  • Organic Lemongrass and Ginger herbal tea blend

    Canton Lemongrass and Ginger

    An invigorating balance of refreshing lemongrass and warming, aromatic ginger.
    From £5.50 for 50g   Sample:   £1.50
  • Moroccan Mint green tea: gunpowder green tea with peppermint and spearmint

    Moroccan Mint

    An authentic blend of green tea and mint. Sweet and intensely refreshing.
    From £5.50 for 50g   Sample:   £1.50
  • Dragon well long jing green tea loose leaf

    Dragon Well

    Famous green tea with notes of green beans and sweet chestnut.
    From £7.70 for 50g
  • Sugarcane Black Fu Shou Mei black tea fired with cane sugar

    Sugarcane Black

    An unusual tea first featured in the Tea Club, now one of our regulars.
    From £7.50 for 50g
  • Spring Blossom First Flush Darjeeling

    Spring Blossom First Flush Darjeeling

    Handmade Samabeong first flush Darjeeling
    £11.04 for 50g
  • Cooked and Raw Beeng Cha Bundle

    Cooked and Raw Beeng Cha Bundle

    Canton's specially commissioned raw and cooked puerh.

    Regular Price: £15.00

    Special Price: £10.50

  • Yellow Gold oolong tea leaf

    Yellow Gold

    An aromatic, mellow, easy-drinking oolong tea with a great price tag.
    From £4.50 for 50g
  • Yunnan Black (Dian Hong) tea leaves

    Yunnan Black

    One of the most famous and popular black teas in China.

    Regular Price: £4.50

    Special Price: £3.15

  • Li Shan oolong tea leaves

    Li Shan

    A sophisticated and delicate oolong, slowly grown in the cool mountain air.
    £32.00 for 50g
  • Organic Canton Chai black tea

    Canton Organic Chai

    Our own house blend of Assam and an aromatic mix of fresh herbs and spices.

    Regular Price: £5.00

    Special Price: £3.00

      Sample:   £1.50
  • Canton Karma Loose leaf herbal tea blend

    Canton Karma

    Our own blend of organic herbal ingredients inspired by Ayurveda.

    Regular Price: £6.00

    Special Price: £4.50

      Sample:   £1.50
  • Canton Raw Puerh Wu Jia Zhai 2012

    Canton Raw: Wu Jia Zhai 2012

    A small puerh cake pressed for Canton in the remote mountains of Yunnan.

    Regular Price: £10.00

    Special Price: £7.50

  • Loose leaf Mi Lan Dan Cong.  Tender, soft but thick.

    Phoenix Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Dan Cong)

    This sweet, honeyed oolong tea is bursting with floral flavour.
    From £17.00 for 50g
  • The leaves of Anji Bai Cha tea (Pre-Qing Ming), are rolled so that they keep their natural length.

    Anji Bai Cha

    A beautiful, light delicate green tea with orchid and citrus notes and a liquid silk texture.
    £35.00 for 50g
  • Iron Buddha Tie Guan Yin oolong tea leaves.

    Iron Buddha

    China's best-loved oolong tea: soft, fruity and easy-drinking.
    From £12.38 for 50g
  • Lapsang Souchong black tea leaves

    Lapsang Souchong

    Classic flavours of campfire smokiness and freshly cut spruce.

    Regular Price: £6.00

    Special Price: £4.50

  • Gold Tip Keemun black tea leaves

    Keemun Red

    Popular since 1875, very satisfying and slightly nutty.
    £6.38 for 50g
  • Big Red Robe Oolong Tea loose Leaf (Da Hong Pao)

    Big Red Robe

    A great example of this famous oolong - smooth, rich and satisfying.
    From £14.60 for 50g
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