Li Shan

A sophisticated and delicate oolong, slowly grown in the cool mountain air.
Li Shan oolong tea leaves
Li Shan oolong liquor and wet tea leaves
Li Shan oolong Tea growing in Taiwan

A sophisticated Taiwanese oolong from the remote Chiban Tea Garden.

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£32.00 for 50g


Limited Edition Collection - once it's gone, it's gone.

Soft and floral with a rich, buttery aroma, Li Shan is a classic Taiwanese oolong that bursts with complex flavours. Infuse several times to experience the smooth and subtle notes of apricot, lavender and peach.

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An iconic oolong from a remote, high altitude garden in Taiwan. Just like the oolong from Ali Shan this tea comes from the Chin Shin cultivar, but grows under vastly different conditions. The climate on Li Shan is so cool and fresh, you might be forgiven for thinking you were in the Alps when looking out across the misty landscape. This is where the Chin Shin leaves thrive. The area is extremely fertile, and the leaves grow slowly in the cool air, taking all the time they need to develop their complex flavour and aroma. Chiban Garden itself is hidden away in a remote spot, at an altitude of 1800m and the only garden on the mountain to grow its tea organically. Unlike on Ali Shan, much of the surrounding land has been returned to the forest in recent years, leaving only around 100 gardens on the mountain. This makes a good Li Shan tea amongst the most highly prized in all of Taiwan.

Other Names - Pear Mountain Oolong

Additional Information

Chinese Name 梨山烏龍茶 (Taiwanese name)
English Pronunciation lee shan
Country Taiwan
Harvesting Area Chiban Farm, Li Shan, Taichung, Taiwan
Plantation Altitude 2300m
Harvest Date 15th May 2017
Leaf Appearance Dark green rolled balls
Aroma Rich, buttery, creamy and floral
Quick Brewing Instructions 5g, 90°C, 250 ml, 2.5 mins


  • Fresh as a newborn breath!

    by Cazza on 8th of January

    That's the only description I can think of - this tea is so pure you can literally sense the mountain air. Although expensive, worth every penny for a daily treat!

  • Very nice indeed

    by Mark on 27th of August

    I was recommended Ali Shan but that was way too fragrant. I ordered several teas to try, this was the best of the lot. Fantastic tea and would highly recommend.

  • Lovely high quality tea

    by Deb on 8th of August

    I can see why this oolong is slightly more expensive. It's high quality, delicate and very refreshing. I drink it all through the day as it's incredibly moreish.

  • I could drink this by the gallon

    by Katie at Teaviews on 21st of May

    "Li Shans tend not to let me down, Canton Tea Company has never left me feeling disappointed. There was basically no way for this leaf to fail, and it doesn't. It's delicious and easy to drink, settling nicely into my stomach, so I could drink this by the gallon. If you're looking for a Li Shan, you almost certainly won't be disappointed by this one." To read the full review visit the Teaviews website: http://www.teaviews.com/2012/05/20/review-canton-tea-co-li-shan-4/

  • Excellent taste. Love it

    by passgo85 on 2nd of May

    If you are tea lover, you would like this. Its amazing taste with the smooth, soft creamy fruit notes and floral hints.


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