South Korean Bamboo Leaf

Soft, tender bamboo leaves, traditionally used in Chinese medicine for their soothing properties.

Fresh, green and vegetal with a surprising malted cocoa aftertaste

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£12.50 for 25g


A naturally sweet, herbal infusion of pure roasted bamboo leaf from South Korea. The leaves infuse into a crisp, pale green liquor that’s fresh and vegetal, with a surprisingly rich aftertaste of malt and toasted cocoa. An indulgent, caffeine-free alternative to an oolong or green tea.

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Traditionally, Bamboo leaves have been used in Chinese medicine to sooth and calm fevers for centuries and as a hangover cure in Korea. Today, its popularity is growing in Western culture due to its extremely high silica content said to promote healthy skin, nails and hair. This high silica content is what allows the bamboo plant to be the fastest growing plant on earth and be so flexible that they can withstand hurricane strength winds.

Additional Information

Harvesting Area South Korea
Harvest Date Spring 2017
Leaf Appearance Long silvery, green leaves.
Tasting Notes Fresh, green and vegetal with a surprising malted cocoa aftertaste
Quick Brewing Instructions 2g, 100 degrees, 3 mins