Jasmine Silver Needle

A sweet and summery tea, scented with fresh jasmine blossoms.
Jasmine Silver Needle loose leaf tea.
Jasmine Silver Needle liquor
Jennifer Wood with a freshly picked leaf, destined for Jasmine Silver Needle tea production.

Sweet young buds of silver needle white tea, infused with the heady aroma of jasmine blossoms

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£14.00 for 50g


Delicate, silvery buds of white tea, layered with jasmine blossoms to capture their sweet, floral notes. The bright and distinctive jasmine flavours are offset against the smooth, mellow creaminess of the white tea, creating a perfect summer infusion that makes a great accompaniment to food.

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The ideal tea for a sunny afternoon. These plump, delicate buds of silver needle white tea are picked by hand in Guangnan, Yunnan province in March; later in the spring, when the Jasmine season is in full swing the finished tea is and sent across the border to Guangxi, the “home of jasmine” to be scented. The buds are laid inside, and covered in a blanket of jasmine flowers - this happens overnight, when the Jasmine blossoms naturally open and emanate their heady sweet scent. In the morning, the doors are opened and the blossoms blown off the tea by the wind and the process happens again. This takes place four times, until the tea is fully saturated with intoxicating aroma of the blossoms.

Other Names - Jasmine Yin Zhen, Jasmine Silver Tip Tea, Moli Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Additional Information

Chinese Name Mo Li Yin Zhen 茉莉银针
English Pronunciation maw lee yin jen
Country China
Harvesting Area Guangnan, Yunnan
Origin Yunnan province, China
Plantation Altitude 800m
Harvest Date Early March 2017
Varietal Fuding Da Bai Hao layered with jasmine blossoms
Leaf Appearance Pale young buds with a downy silver coating
Aroma The deliciously sweet fragrance of fresh jasmine
Liquor The liquor is almost clear with a hint of pale amber
Tasting Notes This tea is light and refreshing, soaring notes of fragrant jasmine, anchored by the soft, mellow tones of the Silver Needle.
Quick Brewing Instructions Jasmine Silver Needle should be brewed quite cool, 1 tbsp per cup (200ml) at around 75°C (167°F), allowed to steep for 2-3 minutes and infused at least 3 times.
Picking Standard 1 bud
Farmer Li Jianguo


  • Just the best

    by Adnil Renrag on 10th of February

    I've tried lots of Jasmine tea recently but this is without doubt the best. Very subtle and refreshing. And it offers just as much flavour with second and third infusions!

  • nice tea

    by Mildred on 26th of March

    Friend made me try this tea. Delicious.

  • Jasmine flavour very strong

    by Paul M on 12th of March

    This is clean tasting and sharp and very refreshing. For my taste, however, the jasmine flavour slightly overwhelms the delicate silver needle tea. The first steep tends to be a bit too 'perfumey' for me, subsequent steeps are more rounded.

  • Wonderful Taste

    by Stacie on 24th of October

    This is a wonderful tea with a delicate flavour. The aroma is delightful, I really enjoy it!

  • The very best

    by Prof. Phil on 22nd of October

    This is the best tea I have ever tasted, and believe me I have tasted a few. It is the tea I give all clients when they come to my design studio, it converts everyone who tastes it. Also amazing if you add some rose petal to the tea.


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