Jasmine Pearls Pyramid Carton

Green tea buds infused only with fresh, natural jasmine blossom.
Jasmine Pearls pyramid teabags carton
Jasmine Pearls pyramid teabags carton
Jasmine Pearls pyramid teabags carton

Our customers call it: Awesome. The best. Full-flavoured. Fantastic! Available in biodegradable pyramids so you can always have it with you.

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Our handmade Jasmine Pearls deliver one of the world's finest jasmine teas. Soft young green tea buds are infused with fresh jasmine blossoms to make a heady, fragrant, infusion. Most so-called jasmine tea is artificially scented, but ours is completely natural, capturing the delicacy of the jasmine flower without overwhelming the sweet, creamy softness of the green tea. This is why it has won multiple stars at the Great Taste Awards every time it's been entered.

This tea is also available in loose leaf.

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The long green tea buds are hand-picked from the young green tea plants and are heated soon after picking to arrest oxidation of the leaves. They are then carefully stored for several weeks until the Jasmine flowers blossom. The tea buds are very skilfully hand rolled into perfect spheres and layered over several nights with the fresh Jasmine blossoms.

Jasmine tea is great with food - as delicious with a light summer lunch as it is with Dim Sum or a winter supper, it also makes a fabulous Iced Tea and a cocktail ingredient. Can also be used in cooking - try as an inspired way to add authentic jasmine flavour to rice.This is one of the few authentic Jasmine teas available in the UK and was made by our own supplier.

At the Great Taste Awards it was independently blind-tasted by a series of panels - comprising passionate foodies, food industry heavy-weights and well-known restaurateurs - and was judged to be the best.

Great Taste Awards 2009: Three Gold Stars and Great Taste Awards 2010: Two Gold Stars.

Additional Information

Country China
Harvesting Area Fuding, Fujian.
Harvest Date Green tea picked in April, infused with fresh Jasmine picked in June
Leaf Appearance Long silvery streaked leaves rolled into perfect spheres which unravel in hot water to show the top bud and young leaf.
Aroma Sweet intoxicating Jasmine over soft honey notes.
Liquor The liquor is a pale gold.
Tasting Notes A sweet, round, heady Jasmine infusion which allows the base notes of the velvety cream leaf to come through and make a perfectly balanced whole.
Quick Brewing Instructions One pyramid per cup in 80°C Water, infuse 1-2 mins. Reinfuse.


  • Lovely aroma and taste

    by Sara on 19th of May

    This tea is magical! It gives a lovely refreshing aroma whilst your drinking it and the delicate taste of the Jasmine is perfectly balanced. This is one of the best Jasmine teas I have tasted. Very happy to find it!


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