Jade Tips

An extremely high-quality green tea with a surprisingly affordable price tag.
Jade Tips, Loose leaf tea.  Dark green and aromatic.
A view of the high mountain hillside in Fujian Province, where this excellent value green tea is grown.
Jade Tips loose leaf tea, available in resealable pouches, or tins.

My favourite daytime green tea: a lovely light taste which feels wonderfully revitalising - Canton Customer Starla

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From £6.00 for 50g


A high-quality green tea at a very reasonable price. Mao Jian grows high in the cool, misty mountain air of Zhejiang. It has a clean, refreshing vegetal taste and a long lasting, pleasingly sweet aftertaste. This is a superb everyday, easy-drinking green tea.

This tea is also available in the 250g Bestsellers Bundle.

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Other Names - Mao Jian

Additional Information

Chinese Name Mao Jian 毛尖绿茶
English Pronunciation maow tee-en
Country China
Origin Zhejiang Province
Plantation Altitude High altitude
Harvest Date Spring 2017
Liquor Shiny, pale greenish-yellow liquor. It has excellent clarity indicating a tea grown on a high mountain plantation
Tasting Notes The mouthfeel is smooth and lively. It tastes soft, vegetal and refreshing with a long lasting sweet ‘hui gan’ (aftertaste)
Quick Brewing Instructions 1-2 tsp, 70°C, 250 ml, 2 mins


  • Easy-drinking, never bitter, smooth and perfect for gentle start to my day.

    by leaping dragon on 2nd of November

    I love Jade Tips. It's got a smooth drinking quality. It lasts well if you reuse the leaves for a second pot. Try to drink it a little cooler than a black tea to really appreciate the flavour. It's always our tea of choice first thing in the morning.

  • I love this tea

    by CFayolle on 29th of March

    This is a super every day green tea. My favourite tea of all time is Anji Bai Cha but it is too expensive to drink throughout the day. Jade tips however, is reasonably priced but a super quality tea, it is nice drank strong in the morning or lightly brewed as a second or third seep in the afternoon.

  • Better Than Expected

    by Edward Thompson on 24th of March

    I brought this with a batch of the Dragon Well tea and honestly don't know which one I prefer, they both have different and yet equally delicious flavours. This is the more floral and buttery of the two, perfect for someone who wants a smooth drinking tea. The cheap price shouldn't put you off, the quality is undeniable.

  • best value green

    by Teaphile on 14th of April

    I have just finished my first packet of this tea, and found it to be comparable to more expensive Long Jing/Dragonwell but at a better price. It's now going to be my breakfast in bed tea in a big pot!

  • Clean and sharp, a little lacking in depth of flavour

    by Paul on 11th of February

    I found this tea a little insipid brewed as directed, so I heated the water to 75 degrees rather than 70 and left it to brew a little longer. The result is a fresh tasting green tea with a sharp, grassy flavour. It mellows with repeated steeping and is probably at its best third or fourth time round. It's refreshing and easy to drink, and great value, but lacks the depth of flavour of some other teas available from Canton.


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