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  • Jade Tips 5 x 50g bags of TJade Tips

    A high-quality green tea at a very reasonable price. Mao Jian grows high in the cool, misty mountain air of Zhejiang. It has a clean, refreshing vegetal taste and a long lasting, pleasingly sweet aftertaste. This is a superb everyday, easy-drinking green tea.
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    Additional Information

    Chinese Name Mao Jian 毛尖绿茶
    English Pronunciation maow tee-en
    Country China
    Origin Zhejiang Province
    Plantation Altitude High altitude
    Harvest Date Spring 2016
    Liquor Shiny, pale greenish-yellow liquor. It has excellent clarity indicating a tea grown on a high mountain plantation
    Tasting Notes The mouthfeel is smooth and lively. It tastes soft, vegetal and refreshing with a long lasting sweet ‘hui gan’ (aftertaste)
    Quick Brewing Instructions 1-2 tsp, 70°C, 250 ml, 2 mins


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