Jade Oolong

A very lightly oxidised, rolled oolong that unfurls into a fresh, floral liquor.
Rolled Jade Oolong from Taiwan
Jade Oolong Liquor

A perfect introduction to oolong tea - Ali, Head of Tea

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A rolled oolong grown in the sunny lowlands of Taiwan on Jin Ho farm, surrounded by palm trees and warm tropical air. This lightly oxidised tea has a naturally perfumed fragrance, light orchid flavours and a clean mouthfeel. A smooth and easy-drinking oolong you can enjoy every day.

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Unlike most other Taiwanese oolongs, Jade Oolong grows at a low altitude, enjoying bright sunshine and warmer temperatures. The tea comes from a rare varietal that was developed by Professor Wu at the TRES (Taiwanese Tea Research Extension Station) in 1982, who named the tea “Jade” after his grandmother! Because this is a tea that loves the sunshine, it thrives in the areas surrounding Ming Jian village, which has recently become famous for the large quantities of rolled oolong it produces.

Once picked, the leaves are withered in cool air, then very gently tumbled until they reach approximately 15% oxidation. This draws out a natural floral perfume from the leaves, and gives the tea liquor a pale yellow- green tinge when brewed. After tumbling, the leaves are packed into cotton sacks to be squeezed and rolled, twisting the leaves tightly into their distinctive ball shape. A final bake reduces the moisture content of the leaves further and enhances the tea’s natural floral sweetness.
As with other, more expensive oolongs from Taiwan and China, Jade Oolong can be infused again and again, making perfect for gong fu brewing.

Other Names - Tai Cha

Additional Information

Harvesting Area Ming Jian, Nantou County
Tea Farm Jin Ho Farm
Plantation Altitude 400m
Varietal #13 / 2029
Leaf Appearance Large, dark green balls of rolled tea leaf with flecks of vivid lighter green
Tasting Notes Crisp, sweet, green grape, floral
Quick Brewing Instructions 5g, 90°C, 250 ml, 4 mins