Iron Buddha

China's best-loved oolong tea: soft, fruity and easy-drinking.
Iron Buddha Tie Guan Yin oolong tea leaves.
Iron Buddha Tie Guan Yin oolong tea being processed in Anxi.
Iron Buddha Tie Guan Yin oolong packaging options.

I knew it would be good but wow. The taste is a mild nuttiness and the aftertaste is extremely smooth. One of my all time favorites. Canton customer, Pikesman

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With a lovely balance of fruit and floral flavours, Iron Buddha is the best known and most popular oolong tea in China. It is lightly roasted, making it a perfect introduction to this category of tea. With a rich and fruity aroma that develops through multiple infusions, this is a great everyday oolong tea.

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Tie Guan Yin is associated with the Chinese Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. According to one legend, a kind tea farmer took care of the goddess’ run-down temple in Anxi county in the Fujian province of China; in return she came to him in a dream and told him the location of some ‘treasure’ in a cave behind her temple, he found a single tea plant which he then cultivated and shared the cuttings with his neighbours who all began to grow this unique tea. The region then became famous for Iron Buddha tea, which is now one of the most popular oolongs in China.

Other Names - Tie Kuan Yin, Anxi Tie Guan Yin, Iron Goddess of Mercy

Additional Information

Chinese Name Tie Guan Yin 铁观音
English Pronunciation tee goo-an yin
Country China
Origin Xi Ping Village, Anxi County, Fujian province
Harvest Date Spring 2016
Leaf Appearance The dark, lightly oxidised green leaves are rolled into small tight fists
Aroma Cream and caramel, becoming sweeter through successive infusions
Liquor The liquor is amber-green with a smooth texture on the tongue
Tasting Notes The flowery and fruity profile of this tea has a touch of honey and at first releases the pleasant orchid notes - after a couple of brews it yields the soft fruitier notes and has a sweet long lasting after taste
Quick Brewing Instructions 2 tsp, 90°C, 250 ml, 2-3 mins


  • good but make properly for best result

    by tonyH on 8th of February

    This is a good quality iron Buddha which has many ranges of quality. I was initially a bit disappointed as it did not have the intense fragrance, but this was because I was not using the correct dosage and infusion time. You need about 1 heaped teaspoon (3gm) for 250 ml and infuse for 2-3 min to get proper taste.

  • This is the stuff!

    by Solid quality Iron Buddha on 6th of October

    I got hooked on Iron Buddha as my favorite oolong tea during years of travel in China. I don't get to travel there as much anymore, so I run out between trips and started looking for an online source. I tried a few that were pretty meh until this one. It is just what I was used to buying myself from a couple of my favorite small shops in Xian and Chongqing. I love it.

  • Best every-day oolong

    by Silviu on 20th of May

    If you're looking for an oolong that's great value for money, easy to drink and still tasty, buttery and smooth, this is the one. It's a perfect introduction to oolong teas, it's buttery and floral and you don't need to master any oolong brewing technique to make a very good cup. The leaves open up nicely after 2nd or 3rd infusion and it's a pleasure to watch in a glass cup.

  • Fantastic

    by Sara on 16th of April

    Really great tea, of high quality and very easy to make I recommend this to anyone who likes oolong tea.

  • Pretty much perfect

    by Paul M on 12th of March

    This is a great value, fantastically drinkable tea. The flavour is smooth and refreshing and you can easily steep four or five times in a Gaiwan and get a great cup of tea every time. Highly recommended and a pretty much perfect every day tea.


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