How to use the Piao I Tea Infuser

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The Piao i is Canton Tea’s bestselling tea infuser, designed to brew high quality whole leaf teas with the minimum of fuss and waste. Made in Taiwan from borosilicate glass, food grade plastics and high grade steel, the Piao i has won several major awards for excellence in Japan and Taiwan. It is the most popular infuser in Taiwan and is much pirated in mainland China.


The infuser comprises of a glass serving pot, inner infusing chamber with a push button mechanism, and a lid.


1. Place the desired quantity of tea leaves in the infusing chamber.

Place tea leaves in Piao I 

2. Add water at the correct temperature (NB. Add a splash of cold water to the tea to create cooler temperatures for Green and White Teas).

Add water to Piao I 

3. After one or two minutes, press the release button and allow the infused tea to flow down into the serving pot.

 Push button on Piao I to release tea

4. Invert the lid and use to place the infusing chamber on it.

 Invert Piao I lid and place chamber on it

5. Pour tea.

Pour tea from Piao I 

6. Repeat the process as long as your tea leaves allow: Good quality whole leaf can be reinfused up to eight times in a Piao i because the chamber can be drained of all the tea for each infusion, thus preserving the leaves without steeping them and keeping them in good condition for the next infusion.


7. In China and Taiwan it is common to make one quick infusion, known as a wash, and discard it to rinse the leaves.


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