Is Green Tea Good For You

Long Jing Dragon Well Green Chinese TeaThe Chinese have been drinking tea for health and pleasure for many thousands of years. In the West we know it’s good to drink Green Tea to keep hydrated and to flush out toxins. It’s good to take time to make a delicious cup of tea and to share it with friends. It makes a great alternative to alcohol for drinking with a meal and it has much lower levels of caffeine than coffee but just enough to help keep you alert and focused.


But can it help prevent cancer, heart attacks and strokes? Can it slow down the ageing process, help you lose weight, keep your skin clear and your eyes bright?




At Canton Tea Co, we believe it is better to drink the high quality, whole leaf tea you really like - and then enjoy any associated health benefits.


However, we recognize there are many people who come to this type of tea looking for the health benefits. Extensive scientific research is now being carried out to establish the effects of Green Tea on human health and for this reason we have included information based on sensible research and not the many wild, unsubstantiated marketing claims.


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