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4 different oolongs, showcasing the exceptional selection of Taiwanese finest teas.

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  • Ali Shan (50g) - A fine example of one of Taiwan’s most celebrated oolongs, and this is an exceptional tea from our Summer Limited Edition Collection. Lovingly handcrafted by superior tea masters, Ali Shan is renowned for its complex flavours and aromas

  • Pouchong (50g) - A hand-picked green tea from North Eastern Taiwan. These long, twisted, lightly oxidised leaves brew a crisp, floral liquor with a sweet apricot finish.

  • Jade Oolong (50g) - A lightly oxidised tea, with a naturally perfumed fragrance, light orchid flavours and a clean mouthfeel.

  • Oriental Beauty (50g) - Another of our Summer Limited Edition teas, this is a light and fruity oolong from a competition-winning producer. After being nibbled by an insect, a unique, fruity, honeyed flavour develops in the leaves.

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