English Breakfast Pyramid Carton

The UK's most popular tea in our pyramid bags. Perfect with milk.
English Breakfast tea pyramids carton
English Breakfast tea pyramids carton
English Breakfast tea pyramids carton

Call off the dogs. Re-open the airports. The search is over. Perfectly balanced,deep but lightly brisk with the smallest hint of astringency in the aftertaste. This IS the breakfast tea you want. Canton customer review

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A traditional, strong, loose leaf English Breakfast, the blend reformulated for us by Rare Tea Hunter Phil Mumby. A small-leaf, high-quality Assam tea from the Hajua garden blending with two stunning teas from Kenya from the Kaimosi™ estate and Kapchorua™ estate, plus a small proportion of China's traditional Yunnan Dian Hong to give it the Canton Tea Co twist. It's smooth, brisk, fresh, robust - exactly what a traditional EB should be.

This tea is also available in loose leaf.

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Phil describes how: 'There is an art to blending tea. It normally works best when a blend is built around a single ‘hero’ component, with other teas then brought in to complement and balance... When creating this blend, my starting point was to pin down the flavour profile that I wanted. Traditional English Breakfast, despite its name, is a tea that is drunk at all times of day, as a refreshing pick-me-up, something not too far away from ‘normal tea’, but higher in quality and with the key attributes magnified.It needs to be refreshing, smooth but invigorating, with a clean flavour and satisfying aftertaste. I wanted it to work well even if taken without milk. Once I had decided this, I knew what I wanted for my hero tea, if I could get it: Kenya Kaimosi GFBOP'.

Read more on Phil's blog about the teas he chose to compliment his 'hero' tea, and why.

Additional Information

Origin A blend of black teas from Assam, Kenya, Rwanda and Yunnan
Harvest Date Spring 2016
Liquor Rich dark brown
Tasting Notes Smooth, brisk, fresh, and robust
Quick Brewing Instructions One pyramid per cup in 95°C Water, infuse 3-4 mins. Infuse 4-5 mins if adding milk



    by Hollie on 26th of May

    I was on holiday from the US to Oxford, England and was served Canton tea at breakfast each morning in our hotel. It was the best tea I had through out my trip. And when I came home I ordered some and it's as good as remembered. I'm not a hot beverage drinker, but this tea is making me one!

  • Simple and good

    by curly_anna on 22nd of December

    Nice tea with rich color and flavor


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