Dragon Well labelled jar

Shen glass storage jar with airtight wooden lid and Dragon Well label.
Dragon Well tea pyramids labelled jar
Dragon Well tea labelled jar
Dragon Well tea labelled jar

Strong glass jars with airtight wooden lids are the way to go for accessible tea storage.

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An airtight Shen Glass storage jar in which to keep your Dragon Well, loose or pyramids. Made of resilient, borosilicate glass, with a wooden lid and airtight seal to keep your tea fresh. Ready labelled with a Dragon Well wraparound label.

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Please note this is an unfilled jar and does not include any tea.

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Dimensions 17.5 * 10 cm
Volume 1100 ml
Storage Capacity 400g of small leaf black tea, or 50 pyramid teabags.
Material Borosilicate glass, bamboo and food safe plastic.


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