Dikom Assam Gold

Pristine, gold-flecked leaves of premium Assam for those who enjoy their black tea.

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£16.00 for 50g


A rich, brisk and perfectly balanced Assam, grown with care and dedication at the naturally beautiful Dikom estate. These pristine, gold flecked leaves infuse into a deep amber liquor that’s full-bodied, malty and uplifting.

Our Autumn Limited Edition teas come in a beautifully presented white tin,and make a lovely gift.

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The Dikom Estate was one of the first tea gardens in Assam, originally founded because of the superior water quality from the nearby Sessa River. The estate is naturally beautiful, surrounded by wildlife, insects and other plant life where the tea is able to grow biodynamically. This helps to maintain nutrient rich soil, minimise the need for pesticides and keep the estate sustainable, while protecting the region’s wildlife.
Tea from the estate is high in tanins, making it bright, bold and malty to drink. Its lively and brisk mouthfeel makes it incredibly uplifting and the perfect tea for a morning pick-me-up. Though the tea is from a single estate, the leaves are a blend of a number of different clonal bushes, adding extra depth and complexity to the tea’s overall flavour.

Additional Information

Country India
Year of Production 2017
Harvesting Area Assam
Tea Farm Dikom estate, Assam
Plantation Altitude 100m
Harvest Date 15th-20th June 2017
Varietal N436, P126, T3E3, S3A3 clones
Leaf Appearance Small delicate leaves, flecked with an abundance of gold tips
Tasting Notes Dark and malty with a cranberry fruitiness.
Quick Brewing Instructions 3g, 95 degrees, 2 min 30 sec