Decaf Breakfast Tea Sample

A refreshing, full-bodied English breakfast tea that's caffeine-free.

If you crave a cup of traditional tea but can't can't take caffeine - drink this. Good alternative to an after supper herbal.

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*Based on a 3g serving, infused twice


For those who want a hit of a good, strong English Breakfast tea without the caffeine, this black tea delivers on both taste and quality. Robust, smooth and malty, this whole leaf Ceylon tea is a traditional style and can be taken with or without milk.

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To achieve this decaf tea, we use the CO2 decaffeination process, rather than the 'Direct Method’ which involves rinsing the tea with chemical solvents. The CO2 process acts selectively on the caffeine, releasing the alkaloid and nothing else. It is a more expensive exercise but generally considered better as unlike the Direct Method it avoids the use of potentially harmful substances.

Additional Information

Country Sri Lanka
Harvest Date Spring 2014
Liquor Dark golden.
Tasting Notes A rich, deep, dark golden liquor with notes of plum.
Quick Brewing Instructions Use 2 tsp per cup (250ml); water temperature boiling: and infuse 3-4 mins.