Limited Edition

Limited Edition


The freshest new season tea - just picked, rare and exclusive that we
have available in extremely limited quantities.

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  • Ali Shan Oolong tea leaves

    Ali Shan

    Smooth, creamy and sublimely floral tea from family-run Epin Tea Farm.
    £25.00 for 50g
  • Li Shan oolong tea leaves

    Li Shan

    A sophisticated and delicate oolong, slowly grown in the cool mountain air.
    £32.00 for 50g
  • Oriental Beauty oolong tea leaves

    Oriental Beauty

    A light and fruity Taiwanese oolong from a competition-winning producer.
    £40.00 for 50g
  • Dry Leaf Ali Shan Black

    Ali Shan Black

    A rare and unusual black tea from the slopes of Ali Shan.
    £50.00 for 50g
  • Obubu Shaded Sencha

    Obubu Shaded Sencha

    A luxurious Kabuse Sencha, carefully crafted at Obubu Tea Farms in Wazuka.
    £20.00 for 50g
  • Jasmine Silver Needle loose leaf tea.

    Jasmine Silver Needle

    A sweet and summery tea, scented with fresh jasmine blossoms.
    £14.00 for 50g
  • The tea fields of Li Shan

    Summer Collection 2017

    Experience all six teas in the Summer Limited Edition Collection.
  • Glenburn Estate Peach Blossom tea

    Peach Blossom White Darjeeling: Glenburn

    A unique, white first flush.
    £19.50 for 50g
  • Tai Ping Leaves

    Tai Ping Monkey King

    Our rare show piece for the Spring Limited Edition Collection.
    £40.00 for 50g
  • Yellow Sprig Dan Cong

    Yellow Sprig Dan Cong

    An astonishing, rare oolong from the Phoenix Mountains, of South China.
    £55.00 for 50g
  • Nepali Spring Dry Leaf

    Nepali Spring: Jun Chiyabari

    A floral, spring-picked black tea with notes of grape and crisp green apple.
    £17.00 for 50g
  • Wild Mountain Dragon Well (Long Jing) loose leaf tea

    Wild Mountain Dragon Well

    Our favourite Dragon Well - ever! Totally intoxicating.
    £35.00 for 50g
  • First Flush Darjeeling: Selimbong

    First Flush Darjeeling: Selimbong

    An exceptional First Flush Darjeeling.
    £12.50 for 50g
  • The leaves of Anji Bai Cha tea (Pre-Qing Ming), are rolled so that they keep their natural length.

    Anji Bai Cha

    A beautiful, light delicate green tea with orchid and citrus notes and a liquid silk texture.
    £35.00 for 50g
  • Yunnan Golden Needle Dry Leaf

    Yunnan Golden Needle

    A rare, silky smooth black tea with notes of cocoa and caramel.
    £14.00 for 50g
  • Spring Collection 2017

    Spring Collection 2017

    Experience all eight teas in the Spring Limited Edition Collection.
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