Connoisseur Teas

Connoisseur Teas


The best of the best. These are our top teas.
Rare, authentic, wild-grown. Hand-made in
the traditional way, as they have been for thousands
of years. Plus the best kit for brewing them.

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  • Superior Silver Needle

    Superior Silver Needle

    Soft, delicate young buds handmade in Fuding.
    From £12.38 for 50g
  • Loose leaf Mi Lan Dan Cong.  Tender, soft but thick.

    Phoenix Honey Orchid (Mi Lan Dan Cong)

    This sweet, honeyed oolong tea is bursting with floral flavour.
    From £17.00 for 50g
  • Big Red Robe Oolong Tea loose Leaf (Da Hong Pao)

    Big Red Robe

    A great example of this famous oolong - smooth, rich and satisfying.
    From £14.60 for 50g
  • The leaves of Anji Bai Cha tea (Pre-Qing Ming), are rolled so that they keep their natural length.

    Anji Bai Cha

    A beautiful, light delicate green tea with orchid and citrus notes and a liquid silk texture.
    £35.00 for 50g
  • Pouchong (Wen Shan) loose leaf tea.  Dark green, twisted leaves with the most excellent aroma.


    A smooth and refreshing Taiwanese green tea, with a rich, floral aroma and notes of sweet apricot.
    £24.00 for 50g
  • Canton organic matcha green tea powder

    Canton Organic Matcha

    High grade matcha: vivid green, velvety smooth, packed with antioxidants.
  • Dobashien Gyokuro Japanese green tea

    Dobashien Gyokuro

    Japanese Gyokuro blend from Dobashien's Master Blender.
    £40.00 for 40g tin
  • 1999 CNNP Old Tree cooked puerh brick

    1999 CNNP Old Tree cooked puerh brick

    A cooked puerh brick aged since 1999.

    Regular Price: £65.00

    Special Price: £48.75

  • Hand painted Lotus Flower porcelain teabowl

    Lotus Flower Tea Bowl

    A small, hand-painted, fine porcelain tea bowl. Each one is unique.

    Regular Price: £24.00

    Special Price: £14.40

  • Chris Prindl Violet Tea Bowl

    Prindl Violet Tea Bowl

    A handmade tea bowl in a violet eggshell glaze.

    Regular Price: £30.00

    Special Price: £21.00

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