Canton Earl Grey

A satisfying Earl Grey with a smooth, sweet base and bright citrus notes.
Classic Earl Grey is flavoured with Italian Bergamot

A traditional Earl Grey, given the Canton twist by using high grade base teas and blending them with a superior bergamot oil.

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From £5.50 for 50g


After years in development this is the Earl Grey to satisfy you all. A velvety-smooth blend of superior and single-estate black teas infused with organic cold-pressed Italian bergamot oil. The liquor is rich, smooth, fragrant and bright with the balance of black tea notes giving a harmonious base to the bright citrus bergamot. Robust enough to enjoy with milk yet with a brief steep it is a deliciously refreshing, light black tea. The only Earl Grey you will ever want to drink.

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We blended this Earl Grey with the sole aim of creating the ultimate version of an afternoon favourite. We chose three incredible black teas, each bringing something special to the party – depth of flavour, brightness of colour, fragrant aroma – and combined them in the right proportions to allow the iconic bergamot notes to sing. Proud to share the provenance of every tea in every blend we sell , we use a strong, robust, malty Assam from the Khongea Estate, a rich, smooth Chinese black from Hunan Province to add extra body, and a crisp, refreshing Nilgiri tea from the Craigmore Estate to lift and lighten the blend. The signature citrus kick is from a super-high grade, cold pressed Italian bergamot oil. This is a really special Earl Grey we are very proud to shout about.

Additional Information

Origin Tea: Hunan Province, China, Assam and Nilgiri. Bergamot oil: Italy
Harvest Date 2016
Aroma Heady with the bright, citrus taste of bergamot
Quick Brewing Instructions 2 tsp, 95°C, 250 ml, 2-3 mins


  • big flavour but not too bossy, flowery and not at all bitter

    by teaphile on 3rd of July

    I'm very fussy about earl grey, but also enthusiastic about this one. You can taste that this is good tea and proper bergamot. It has a superb balance of the fruit and black tea, and is strong but not at all harsh or bitter. Just don't put too much in the pot or else you might get a bit too much of a caffeine kick!

  • Lovely!

    by Penny on 1st of February

    Thoroughly enjoy drinking this Earl Grey

  • lovely earl grey

    by Rolio on 15th of November

    I don't normally like Earl Grey, but this is delicious.

  • Beautiful

    by Kitty on 26th of July

    I love my Earl Grey tea ; it's what I look forward to it when I come home from work. This is by far the finest I've ever tried. It's full of flavour, good with milk or without.

  • Not my favourite

    by Teaphile on 17th of April

    I am very fussy about Earl Grey. I don't enjoy citrus or too much floral version. I found I didn't like the Canton organic as much as the non-organic, unfortunately . Now after ordering a batch of the regular Early Grey, I find its register a little too high. Personally a prefer a darker, less floral, tasting version - but definitely from leaves.


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