Canton Wild Chai

Our harmonious blend of wild Vietnamese black tea and intense, aromatic spices. Delivers a lively and warming kick for an afternoon pick-me-up.
Canton Wild Chai

We’re talking powerful depth of flavour and a fabulous story: a fairytale black tea, plucked from the wild, gangly trees growing unfettered in the mountains of Vietnam. This has a real spicy loveliness. - Jennifer Wood, Founder.

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We created this intense, aromatic blend to bring you the ultimate chai experience. Bringing together ginger root, mandarin peel, cassia, cardamom, black pepper and cloves with a wild Vietnamese black tea, the leaves release an intense burst of exotic, authentic flavours. Spicy, sweet and deliciously comforting, this is a tea that’s deeply aromatic and warming in equal measure.

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We chose to perfect our chai blend this year by using a wild Vietnamese black tea that brings extra complexity to the blend, balancing perfectly with the lively citrus notes of mandarin peel and aromatic spices. The tea grows wild in Yen Bai province in north-west Vietnam, where the climate and soil type give it similar characteristics to a Yunnan black tea. The ancient trees grow wild and uncultivated, and have reached heights of 26 feet in places! Tea pickers climb the trees to pluck the leaves, where they are then hand processed in very small, rural factories. The tea industry in this region has brought new life to the small, remote villages, offering locals a viable alternative to opium cultivation and has contributed greatly to the area’s sustainability.

Traditionally, chai is brewed with hot milk and sugar, however it can also be brewed a little lighter to be enjoyed on its own.

Other Names - Masala Chai

Additional Information

Origin Tea and Cassia: Vietnam, Ginger and Peppercorns: South India, Cloves and Cardamom: Sri Lanka, Mandarin Peel: Italy
Leaf Appearance Dark, twisted black tea leaf flecked with spices and terracotta mandarin peel. The leaf has an intense sweet aroma reminiscent of Jamaican ginger cake.
Aroma The liquor carries the subtle, lingering aroma of clove and cardamom on a base of malty black tea.
Liquor Terracotta orange
Tasting Notes Robust and intense with rich, warming flavours of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and bright citrus.
Quick Brewing Instructions 250ml, 4g, 95°C, 4 mins.


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