Moroccan Mint Tea Pyramids

Gunpowder green tea, spearmint and peppermint - all organic.
Moroccan Mint Tea Pyramid Teabags: Mint growing
Moroccan Mint Tea Pyramid Teabags

Completely lovely tea to drink hot or cold. Add a slice of lemon, a sprig of fresh mint and a dollop of good honey. Or be more authentic and sip it with some sugar lumps behind your front teeth.

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£18.00 for 50 Pyramids


This delicious organic tea is a mix of superior gunpowder green tea blended with spearmint and peppermint. The zesty, refreshing mint leaves are beautifully balanced with the smooth tea notes. You can now enjoy our Moroccan Mint tea on the go in our pyramid bags, which are roomy enough to allow the leaves to expand and release their full flavour.
This tea is also available in loose leaf.

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Additional Information

Origin Gunpowder green tea from Zhejiang Province China with Egyptian peppermint and spearmint
Harvest Date Spring 2016
Aroma Sweet and minty
Liquor Bright green
Tasting Notes Sweet, grassy green tea and zingy mint
Quick Brewing Instructions 1 pyramid, 85°C, 250 ml, 2-3 mins


  • digestif!

    by GillyB on 29th of March

    Superbe pour apres le diner, merci!

  • Mint tea is lovely - can't get enough

    by LanaNewTeaAddict on 13th of October

    As the subj said, I'm totally in love with moroccan mint tea - it was more of an impulse purchase as i hunted jasmine tea. Jasmin piramides ended up a complete disappointment, and for that I love my Mint even more ;-) It brews very quickly to be strong enough to drink and enjoy.

  • Minty marvel

    by mulpat on 15th of April

    A subtle delight, refreshing and smooth, a luscious after dinner sip !

  • Great after lunch

    by MrSharpie on 25th of October

    I have these after lunch. Bit of mint helps with digestion, and the gunpowder gives a gentle nudge of caffeine to get me over the post lunch slump. Easy to make too!