Organic Chamomile Pyramids

Soothing, caffeine-free chamomile flowers with deep fruity notes.
Organic Chamomile tea growing
Chamomile Pyramid teabags

Camomile has been favoured for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Still popular now it also tastes great and is easy to take to bed with a pyramid bag in a cup.

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From £5.50 for 15 Pyramids


Whole, organic chamomile flowers yield a deliciously smooth, herbal infusion with a mild, apple-like fragrance. Believed since ancient times to cleanse and heal, chamomile tea has great soothing properties - ideal after a meal or before bed. With our generously filled, biodegradable tea pyramids, you can enjoy our chamomile tea wherever you go.

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Additional Information

Origin Egypt
Aroma Soft and floral with a mild hints of apple
Liquor Pure golden yellow
Tasting Notes Smooth, delicate and floral
Quick Brewing Instructions 1 pyramids, 95°C, 250 ml, 3-5 mins


  • Top Quality

    by Lloydy on 29th of July

    flavoursome, top quality chamomlie flowers, in an unique pyramid bag.

  • Full Flavor

    by Chadwick on 6th of December

    The perfect bedtime tea with a teaspoon of organic honey and a thin slice of lime.


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