Canton Silver Needle

Plump young buds of white tea, carefully hand-picked in Yunnan province.
Silver Needle
Jennifer smelling White Peony Bai Mu Dan white tea
White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) loose leaf tea packaging options.

“The soft, fruity notes and velvety mouthfeel of this white tea make it uplifting, supremely satisfying and totally indulgent.”

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From £14.00 for 50g


These delicate silver buds infuse into a light, champagne coloured liquor with creamy, sweet notes of honeydew melon and cucumber. Infuse at least once to enjoy all of the soft, lingering flavours.

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A fine, high grade white tea made up of young, soft buds protected by a coat of silver down. The tea is carefully picked by hand in Guangnan, Yunnan province. White tea undergoes very little processing- the buds are picked at dawn and simply allowed to wither gently in the sun. When brewed, the leaves release soft notes of sweet melon and cucumber that linger on the palate. The soft fruit notes of this tea lend themselves well to cold brewing which draws out a more intense sweetness for an uplifting infusion.

Other Names - Yin Zhen White Tea, Silver Tip White Tea, White Pekoe White Tea, Bai Hao Tea

Additional Information

Chinese Name Mo Li Yin Zhen 茉莉银针
English Pronunciation maw lee yin jen
Country China
Harvesting Area Guangnan, Yunnan
Origin Fuding, Fujian Province
Plantation Altitude 800m
Harvest Date Early March 2017
Varietal Fuding Da Bai Hao
Leaf Appearance Pale young buds with a downy silver coating
Aroma Sweet, slightly nutty, notes of melon
Liquor Almost clear, delicate champagne with an amber tinge
Tasting Notes Soft and velvety with sweet, fresh notes of cucumber and lingering honeydew melon
Quick Brewing Instructions Silver Needle should be brewed quite cool, 1 tbsp per cup (200ml) at around 75°C (167°F), allowed to steep for 2-3 minutes. Infuse up to 3 times.
Picking Standard 1 bud
Farmer Li Jianquo


  • Delicious!

    by Tickham on 21st of August

    My first experience of 'white tea', and I love it! Even my husband (a 'strong, Assam' kind of person) has taken to it like a duck to water. He didn't detect the cucumber-iness that some reviewers describe; would have run a mile if he had! I've been drinking it on holiday and now can't face ordinary tea with milk. I'm converted - now to try more white and green teas!

  • Fantastic Tea and great value

    by Tom F on 16th of January

    I had tried white teas two or three times and had been unimpressed so left them alone, preferring green, black, and oolong teas. Until I received a sample of White Peony tea from the Canton Tea Club and found it was - delicious and quite unlike what I was expecting. So I decided to buy some and it has now become one of my favourite teas, alongside Dragon Well, Tie Guan Yin and a few others. This tea is superb, with quite different qualities to green and black teas, or indeed oolongs. At only £5.50 for 50g it is great value, compared to many other teas out there. Thank you Canton for introducing me to this! .... Maybe I should try Silver Needle tea now?...

  • Great alternative

    by David on 2nd of January

    Great alternative everyday tea compared to the more expensive whites

  • Wonderfully refreshing tea

    by Superelly on 7th of December

    This tea has a lovely cucumber crispness. I actually didn't know what i was looking for in an everyday-drinking-tea until i tasted this. It is the perfect morning drink, but i also love this most throughout the day at the office. I find it keeps me alert, refreshed and hydrated; and this being something which heavily caffeinated drinks just cannot match up to.

  • No bitterness

    by Jaro on 23rd of October

    is my favourite tea to drink in the morning because it does not have the bitterness like many other teas. This white tea also did not let me down whit Its typical aromatic flavour