Canton Organic Chai Pyramid Carton

Our own house blend of Assam and an aromatic mix of fresh herbs and spices.
Organic Chai tea pyramid teabags carton
Organic Chai tea pyramid teabags carton
Organic Chai tea pyramid teabags carton

I'm a big chai fan and have tried blends from many different sellers and this is my favourite by far. Delicious, spicy, tasty and deeply satisfying. Canton customer, Deb.

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This astonishingly moreish Chai - our own house blend - delivers a vibrant, warming kick. We've blended organic Assam and cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, green cardamom, star anise, black peppercorns and cloves to create a perfectly balanced spiced tea. Add a little hot milk and, if desired, sweeten with sugar or honey for a delicious, comforting brew.

This tea is also available in loose leaf.

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Country India
Origin Tea from Assam, India. Spices of various origin.
Tea Farm Gossainbari Estate, Assam.
Varietal Camellia Sinesis var. Assamica
Aroma Sweet and spicy.
Liquor Deep amber
Tasting Notes Robust, malty and sweet tea blend with traditional spices gives a pleasant kick. Great with milk and sugar or honey.
Quick Brewing Instructions 1 teabag; water temperature around 95°C (203°F): and infuse 3 mins.


  • Wonderful, light, yet flavoursome

    by Ana on 26th of October

    My favourite chai so far. Comforting, yet light, lovely blend!

  • Tasteless

    by Laurence on 27th of July

    Not impressive this tea. I was surprised as all the other products I have ordered from Canton have been excellent.


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