Lemon Verbena

This bright, lemon-scented infusion has a velvety smooth mouthfeel.

Gorgeous on it own, if you're adventurous try adding a few leaves to other good herbals.

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The long, curly grey-green leaves of the Aloysia triphylla release a deliciously smooth infusion with a lemon scent and bright fresh notes of cut grass tempered by a creamy softness. Native to South America and valued for its taste and health-giving properties, lemon verbena is naturally caffeine free and a popular digestif, perfect after dinner. Also called Verveine.

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Additional Information

Weight 75g in a refill pack
Origin Spain
Varietal Aloysia triphylla
Leaf Appearance Whole pale green curled leaves
Aroma Heady with citrus
Liquor Light green and clear
Tasting Notes Creamy, buttery and bright with lemon
Quick Brewing Instructions Use 1 tbsp per cup (250ml) water temperature boiling, steep for 3-5 minutes