Canton English Breakfast

The UK's favourite - a classic English tea with New York roots.
Canton English Breakfast black loose leaf tea
Canton English Breakfast black loose leaf tea
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‘I could really see this tea being my everyday breakfast tea, as it flavours hold my interest cup after cup, and the liquor is strong enough to get me going. This tea is great value for money, and I’d give it my top recommendation.’ – Teaxplorer

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The first English Breakfast Tea was created in New York in the 1800s by our namesake, the original Canton Tea Co. Their black tea was a runaway success, replicated by all other tea companies. Our superior house blend has now been reformulated by Rare Tea Hunter Phil Mumby and is full of complex flavours. Neat, wiry leaves of Assam from the Khongea estate provide the backbone of this tea, with richness from our own Feng Qing Yunnan black, a smooth creamy character from Ceylon black from the Doomgastawala estate, and a crisp, brisk, toasty bite from Rwandan black from the Rukeri estate. A very versatile tea, a quick brew is delicious without milk, but it can happily carry milk if steeped a little longer and stronger.

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Additional Information

Origin Assam, Yunnan, Ceylon and Rwanda
Harvest Date Spring 2016
Leaf Appearance Small black, deep green and copper leaves
Aroma Heady malted notes mixed with sweet honey
Liquor Bright and full-bodied with a deep amber hue
Tasting Notes Rich malty notes are complimented and brightened with a hint of citrus sweetness and no trace of bitterness or astringency
Quick Brewing Instructions Use 2tsp per cup (250ml); water temperature around 100°C (212°F): and infuse 3-4 mins.


  • Everyday Excellence

    by JMC on 12th of May

    This is a tea that makes breakfast a pleasure, whatever the time of year. The flavour has depth, strength and richness. I thoroughly recommend this tea.

  • Who needs Milk?

    by Malone on 25th of April

    We are hooked in this household, and it's full of coffee-addicts. This Breakfast tea has the brightest, most adaptable flavour, depending on the time of day you drink it. I even have it with lunch and supper, sometimes. It's always delicious: as long as you take it black. It's possibly OK with milk, too, but why risk losing perfection in a cup?

  • A first taste in Cornwall

    by Peter on 31st of October

    I first tasted this brand in a little tea-shop in Cornwall, after a long walk on the coastal path, and it was one of the best hot drinks I ever had. I then asked the owner of the shop where he got his English Breakfast, and he told me he bought it from Canton Tea Co. I ordered some and it made me the same great cup of tea, over and over again. Do not only expect splendid tea but also very high customer care from this company!

  • The best

    by Alex on 2nd of March

    Simply the best English Breakfast tea in the world! Amazing!

  • Delicious

    by TeaTony on 26th of February

    This tea is a great allrounder. It has a good classic breakfast tea taste with a lovely smoky background. If you like your tea strong this will make a cuppa that will kill oaks if you leave it to brew long enough.


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