Canton Darjeeling Pyramids

A fantastic example of a well-balanced second flush Darjeeling.
Canton Darjeeling pyramid teabags
Wrapped Darjeeling Teabag
Canton Darjeeling pyramid teabags

A fantastic second flush Darjeeling with the classic muscatel flavour.

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From £15.00 for 50 pyramids


A blend of second flush Darjeelings from Potong and Seeyok, two of our favourite gardens. Potong was once a colonial plantation but was abandoned and left to decay; now working to a revolutionary model it is collectively run by its workers and is making history. Seeyok, on the border with Nepal, is a highly respected organic garden which follows biodynamic practices. In this beautiful garden, tea plants are interspersed with wild cherry, lemongrass and sunflowers.

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The dryness and astringency of Darjeeling first flush teas completely changes during the second flush as the bushes stabilise and release more of their characteristic flavour. Second flush teas are much more rounded, with an amber liquor and a complex mix of flavours. The classic ‘muscatel’ description of second flush refers to a very specific floral aroma and sweet flavour found in muscat grapes. It appears fleetingly in tea, but it is there, in the background of this blend. Hence why this tea was specifically sourced and blended to be our go-to, accessibly-priced, deliciously-reliable Darjeeling.


The Potong tea garden is located on the slopes of the Himalayan foothills in Darjeeling. It was created over a hundred years ago as a colonial plantation. The garden was abandoned by its owners twice due to economic recessions, in the 1970s and 1990s, leaving the workers and their families in dire straits. Today, the garden is a co-operative, run collectively by its 343 workers and their families. While Tea Promoters of India own the garden, the workers own 51% of shares, and all participate in the running of the garden and thus have direct interest in its success. This revolutionary model is leading the way in supporting tea workers and their families. Potong produces black and green orthodox Darjeeling teas. Their production is organic farming certified (since 2008) as well as certified fair trade (since 2009).


The Seeyok Darjeeling garden is found at the border of Nepal, in the shade of Kangchenjunga Mountain and facing the stunning Rongbong Valley. It is a steep garden, and rises to 5900 feet. The estate was established in 1869, but after violent floods destroyed the original tea factory, it was rebuilt in 1980 with particular attention being paid to health and food safety (HACCP and ISO 9000 certifications). Today some 500 workers live on the estate along with their families, resulting in an overall population of 2500 people. They produce unique and innovative teas, using biodynamic techniques with a holistic agricultural and environmental approach, and have been certified organic for over two decades.

Additional Information

Country India
Tea Farm Potong and Seeyok Gardens
Liquor Deep amber
Tasting Notes Smooth on the palate with hints of muscatel grape and a sweet aftertaste
Quick Brewing Instructions 1 pyramid, 95°C, 250 ml, 2-3 mins