Canton Chocolate Tea

Rich, malty blend of smooth black teas, vanilla pod and Peruvian cocoa nibs.
Canton Chocolate Tea - Black tea with vanilla and cocoa nibs
Canton Chocolate Tea - Black tea with vanilla and cocoa nibs
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As close to drinking a hot chocolate as you can get - with zero calories. Deeply satisfying if you feel like a sweet afternoon kick, a velvety mouthfeel and delicious depth.

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Specially created for the Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair, this luxurious blend of Indian Assam, Chinese Yunnan black, Madagascan vanilla pod and Peruvian cocoa nibs is served daily with their famous afternoon tea. It is deep, rich and moreish with a velvety mouthfeel. Extremely satisfying with smooth, malty Assam and a hint of plum from the Yunnan black adding an additional layer of dark fruit. The cocoa nibs and vanilla pod provide the depth and sweetness which complements the heady flavours.

Also available in pyramid teabags.

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Additional Information

Origin Teas from Feng Qing, China and Assam, India blended with Madagascan vanilla and Peruvian cocoa nibs. Hand blended in Bristol.
Aroma Sweet and malty with deep cocoa tones
Liquor Deep chocolate brown
Tasting Notes Heady with sweet vanilla, rich with dark fruit and chocolate notes, with a hint of maltiness and a delicately sweet finish
Quick Brewing Instructions 1-2 tsp, 95°C, 250 ml, 2 mins


  • An amazing tea! Unique!

    by Mindy on 16th of October

    I am thrilled with Canton Chocolate Tea. It exceeded my expectations. It's so surprising - very much tea, and yet, with a subtle, unmistakable chocolate essence in every sip. Every time I make a pot, I am surprised again at how perfectly it is blended. It's great with a dash of milk. I love this tea for an afternoon break.

  • The one and only

    by Christopher on 26th of July

    I've seen a handful of high-end tea places serving 'chocolate tea' and I think this is where they get it from. You know this tea is special when you open the bag and get smacked with a vanilla-chocolate musty aroma. It's a heady scent, and the tea itself is unmistakably black tea, with real hints of vanilla and chocolate. Best brewed for 90 seconds at a time, otherwise the tea overrides the taste of the chocolate and vanilla. Also, I keep it in a sealed container; otherwise it dies after only a few weeks.

  • Simply amazing

    by curly_anna on 22nd of December

    Very nice, delicate and absolutely gorgeous flavor! Will keep buying!

  • Chocolate tea

    by Vania on 14th of November

    Wonderful replacement of my chocolate eating habits. Now, I finish dinner with a cup of chocolate tea with a little bit of skinny milk in it. It works perfectly for me.

  • The finest tea with a taste

    by Katie on 25th of October

    Like a chocolate digestive has been dunked in it! And as someone who is on a reduced calorie diet - it gives me the cocoa hit I need. Delicious!