Individually-wrapped Triple Mint Tea Pyramids

A brilliant combination of three wonderful mints to delight the senses.
Triple Mint pyramid teabags individually wrapped
Triple Mint pyramid teabags individually wrapped box of 50
Pyramid teabags individually wrapped box of 50

This is it. Quite the best, deepest most refreshing and complex mint infusion you have ever come across. It is just spectacularly good.

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If you're looking for the best mint tea in the world then this is it. A combination of Wild Jordanian Mint, British Black Peppermint and Water Mint together give an incredible depth and a clean, bright flavour. The mix of spearmint and peppermint will cool and refresh the palate. Jekka is a world authority on mints and this blend has taken the quality and flavour profile of mint tea to a new level. The result is a carefully balanced infusion that will delight lovers of mint tea.

50 individually-wrapped pyramids in a box.

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Wild Jordanian Mint

The Wild Jordanian Mint that we use in this blend comes from the Ajloun Valley. We buy it through a company called Wild Jordan, part of The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. Wild Jordan is focused on promoting socio-economic development around protecting nature. They create nature-based businesses, such as eco-tourism, to conserve biodiversity and protect wildlife habitats while producing hundreds of jobs for local communities. The Ajloun Valley is a lush and incredibly fertile area. Its thriving woodlands are filled with Carob, wild Pistachio and Strawberry trees, a wide variety of wild flowers including the Black Iris, orchids and tulips, herds of wild boar, Stone Martens, golden Jackals, Red Foxes, Striped Hyenas, Persian Squirrels, Indian Crested Porcupines, and wolves. In addition, throughout the valley, numerous herbs grow wild: sage, rosemary, lemon verbena, and mint, to name but a few. The local people have harvested these wild herbs for generations, so when Wild Jordan arrived to promote conservation, they helped the community develop this traditional practice into a successful business

Additional Information

Harvesting Area Norfolk UK and Jordan
Origin Mints of various origin, hand blended in Bristol.
Harvest Date 2013
Varietal Mentha x Piperita and Mentha Aquatica.
Aroma Sweet, zingy mint.
Tasting Notes A refreshing, mouth-tingling, full-on zesty blend of spearmint and peppermint. Ideal as a digestif after a meal.
Quick Brewing Instructions One Pyramid per cup in boiling water, infuse 2-3 mins


  • Seriously invigorating

    by Helen on 8th of June

    I love this blend- packs more of a punch than your average peppermint tea. I like to enjoy it as an afternoon pick-me-up without the caffeine. The wrapped pyramids make it really easy to enjoy at work and on the go too!


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