Big Red Robe

A great example of this famous oolong - smooth, rich and satisfying.
Big Red Robe Oolong Tea loose Leaf (Da Hong Pao)
The original Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) leaves growing in Wu Yi
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Produced in the traditional way in Wuyi Shan, the birthplace of oolong tea in China.

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From £19.50 for 50g


This highly prized Chinese oolong is made from leaves picked deep within the rocky Wuyi Mountains. It is slow roasted over charcoal for a deep, toasty flavour, rich with cocoa nibs and dried fruit.

Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) is one of the earliest oolongs ever produced and is an ideal introduction to a Wuyi 'Rock Tea'. This high grade oolong tea is handmade from tender leaves, withered, tumbled, curled and baked in small batches over charcoal to create an aromatic infusion with distinctive dark cocoa notes, a toasted, fruity flavour and a long smooth aftertaste.

This tea is also available in the Explore China Bundle.

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The tea myth that accompanies Da Hong Pao concerns four famous tea bushes, whose leaves miraculously cured an emperor's mother during the Ming Dynasty, when she fell ill in the mountains. In gratitude the emperor wrapped the four trees in reams of expensive red cloth to protect them from the elements. Four ancient tea bushes still stand on a cliff in the Wuyi Mountains, which are thought to be those of this legend, and have become something of a tourist attraction. Each year a very small amount of tea is harvested from these trees, and sold for many hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.

Due to this, Big Red Robe is often cited by the media as 'the world's most expensive tea': more expensive gram for gram than gold. Our Da Hong Pao is probably the best you can buy in the UK. While at £19.50 for 50 grams, it's not quite as expensive as gold, it does taste better.

Da Hong Pao is the favourite tea of Benjamin Presland, head of catering for the Tate galleries. Read his wonderful description about why he loves Big Red Robe on the blog.

Other Names - Da Hong Pao

Additional Information

Chinese Name Da Hong Pao 大红袍
English Pronunciation da hong pow
Country China
Origin Xincun, Wuyi Shan, Fujian Province
Tea Farm Mao Yingde
Plantation Altitude 800m
Harvest Date Summer 2016
Varietal Da Hong Pao
Leaf Appearance Tender leaves are carefully processed into even curly striped leaves with deep brownish-green touch at the leaf edges
Aroma Warm roasted aroma combined with layered of sweetness, milky and fresh floral aroma
Liquor Distinctive dark yellow-orange liquor
Tasting Notes Warm and roasted cocoa notes combined with delightful floral flavour, which is creamy and sweet. Its wood charcoal roasted method gives this tea great depth
Quick Brewing Instructions 1 tbsp, 90°C, 250 ml, 3 mins


  • Great tasting tea

    by Kate on 6th of November

    I have recently been getting into oolong teas and found this to be one of the best. It has a full rounded flavour and have successfully infused a second time.

  • Black Dragons are cool with me

    by Yogabob on 2nd of November

    Where to start? I first found a version of this tea 40 years ago via Carwardine's as it was then, not quite the same or as good, but I have taken this tea more or less daily for all that time. The reason for a mere 4/5 is the price - if it would take 3 or 4 infusions it'd get the Full Monty on the star front. Other teas at this price give value through multiple cups from the same pinch of the good stuff. However, I can't resist it! And this batch is the best ever - slightly less charcoal-toast than usual letting more 'green' flavours through, even floral hints and the tiniest drop of butter, and despite my infusion remarks, this lot will take a second go, and even a third if you add half a measure more leaf. There is really nothing quite like this tea. Buy it, but leave some for me - it appears to be a seasonal import and runs out from time to time!

  • Awesomely sweet and flavourful

    by Karl on 18th of August

    This tea's first infusions have a strong scent of sweet flowers in a wet forest I think. Floral with some notes of smokiness added in. The flavour evolves in subsequent infusions to become more mellow and the intense sweetness reduces to a more mild level. This was my first Oolong, and I really like it.

  • Divine!

    by romain on 16th of July

    delectable flavour full of strong malty and nutty aromas. I love it.

  • Wonderful find

    by Mary on 23rd of December

    One word, delicious. Will be drinking this tea for a long time to come.


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