Ali Shan

Smooth, creamy and sublimely floral tea from family-run Epin Tea Farm.
Ali Shan Oolong tea leaves
Ali Shan Oolong growing in Taiwan
Ali Shan Oolong wet leaf and tea leaves

Deliciously smooth and buttery with a complex floral aroma.

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A fine example of one of Taiwan’s most celebrated teas. This high mountain rolled oolong is lovingly handcrafted by tea master Mr Chiu at his family-run farm in Rueili Village, on the slopes of Ali Shan. Deliciously smooth and buttery, this is a tea renowned for its complex flavours and aromas, with bright floral notes and hints of apricot which change with each infusion.

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Ali Shan is without a doubt one of Taiwan’s greatest and most well-known oolongs. The tea leaves, plucked from the Chin Shin cultivar, grow at a high altitude on the slopes of Ali Shan, at around 1600m, surrounded by farmland and incredible natural beauty. The atmosphere is humid and tropical, but each afternoon a heavy mist descends on the mountain which protects the leaves from extreme sunlight, allowing them to grow slowly enough to develop their unique flavour.

Life at the family-run Epin Tea Garden is busy, with so much tea growing in the surrounding area. The farm has a dedicated team of pickers who have been working with the leaves for a number of years. The leaves are picked early and always before the midday sun hits the bushes. The leaves are withered from midday until around 10pm when they are then rolled for up to 30 minutes in huge cylindrical rollers. They are rested on bamboo racks for two hours before being heated in large drums. By 8am the next morning they are ready to be rolled in cloth sacks, which develops the iconic oolong flavour and gives them their famous ball-like appearance. A final bake enhances the flavour further and brings a rich sweetness to the finished tea whilst capturing the essence of the leaves’ balmy, tropical surroundings.

Other Names - High Mountain Oolong

Additional Information

Chinese Name Ali Shan 阿里山乌龙茶
English Pronunciation ah lee shan
Country Taiwan
Origin Rueili Village, Chiayi County
Tea Farm Epin Tea Garden
Plantation Altitude 1600m
Harvest Date 12th May 2017
Leaf Appearance Tightly rolled large leaves on long stalks
Aroma Rich and buttery with notes of apricot and osmanthus flowers
Liquor Pale yellow
Tasting Notes Floral, apricot, peach
Quick Brewing Instructions 4g, 90°C, 250 ml, 2-2.5 mins
Farmer Mr Chiu


  • A beautifully rounded tea

    by Andy Jones on 8th of August

    I find this tea incredibly clear, sweet and rounded to drink, and second and third infusions continue to provide new depths. The apricot notes still surprise me. I don't usually like to spend extra on tea, I find the basic ones I buy from CantonTea more than satisfying, but this is one that I would spend extra on; I am drawn in by the depth of flavour, and it makes me want to explore tea more.

  • Maybe a nice tea, but not for me.

    by Mark on 27th of August

    Recommended to me as being one of the better teas, but way too fragrant for my taste or my wife's. sure it meets other needs but won't be re-ordering or recommending.

  • Lovely and smooth

    by Deb on 15th of June

    This is a lovely smooth oolong tea which is a beautiful pale colour. If you're a fan of the pouchong you should try this. It's not quite as buttery but with a lovely dry spicy after taste.

  • A wonderful 2013 spring harvest Ali Shan

    by Peter on 27th of May

    This is a lovely oolong with astonishingly intense sweet and buttery/creamy notes. I found that using my gaiwan, brewing this tea gong fu style, works well, delivering three good infusions.

  • Great overall oolong

    by Daniel Nelson on 7th of February

    The smell of this oolong is fantastic - creamy, floral, and very smooth. Such characteristics go with the taste as well. Canton Tea's Ali Shan is not very forgiving with oversteeping and loses much of its flavor after the third steep.


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